Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Bump

16 weeks & 1 day
A mom-to-be! Baby shower: Pre-Madeline
Baby Bump - 16 wks & 1 day
This whole pregnancy thing is crazy.  I just don't *feel* pregnant.  Hmmmm....what should "feeling pregnant" feel like??  I have no idea.  I have never been pregnant before.  But I guess I just imagined things to feel different.  Maybe if I were puking my guts out during the first trimester I would "feel" pregnant.  Maybe when I begin to feel the baby kicking my ribs I will "feel" pregnant.  But for now, I feel "normal".  In fact, there are small periods of time that I actually forget that I am pregnant.  And then I think about that little pork chop (the baby's pet name) in my tummy.  And what do I think of?? I think of the process of becoming a mom (again), worry about the baby, things to do to prepare for its coming, etc, etc, etc. With that said, aside from a growing waistline caused by the baby bump, I have to say that the ways I "felt pregnant" when I was "paper pregnant" (awaiting adoption) are the same aspects of "feeling pregnant" that I am experiencing now.....the baby-to-be (then and now) are what occupies/occupied my mind.  My thoughts of being a mom occupied my day dreams and the hope and wishes for all the best for the baby fill/filled my dreams and prayers.  I am living the proof and will continue to be living proof that adoptive moms are just as much of a mom as biological moms.


Craig and Phyllis said...

I missed it! I have not had much time to read blogs, and I had seen your post title about Sex Education and just thought it was something that Madeline heard. lol


So glad to hear that you have not felt sick and all. I had been reading some of your updates on the homepage of facebook, but totally missed this news! So happy for your family!

Amy said...

Thanks, Phyllis!

Rebekah said...

This made me cry! Thank you, Amy!