Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Lunch with Mama
Time is ticking before the arrival of "Pork Chop".  It is crazy to think that at any time we could be going from a family of three to a family of four.  I am excited about meeting our little guy but also sad that our times with Madeline will forever change.  Maybe "sad" is not a good word as this is NOT a bad change, just different.  Regardless, I am trying to make special the moments left where Madeline is our only baby to spoil.

Lately, things have been very CRAZY at our house.  Aside from preparing for a baby, we have some other things going on here that have been distracting me and my attention.  Yesterday, I decided that I needed to take a break from the chaos and have a special Mama/Madeline day.  How else better to spend the afternoon than a little girlie pampering??
Getting silly with Mama

French Fry "mustaches"

Getting a haircut

Getting cheapie pedicures - Mama needed to get her feet "stirrup-ready"

The AFTER photo. Madeline had little hearts painted on her fingers and toes.  Notice Mama's swollen feet??

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Big Sister Kind Of Day

Grabbing some breakfast on the way to sibling class
The hospital where I am going to deliver "Pork Chop" offers many class options to help prepare families for the birth of their child.  David and I have already attended child birthing classes, I have attended a breast feeding class and today, Madeline attended a siblings class.  As a result, we tried to make this morning special for our little girl.  Here are a few pictures of our day.

Class Time
This isn't the best picture of Madeline but I HAD TO share. Madeline was to practice holding the baby.  Notice the position of the baby's head???  I think more practice will be needed!

Sibling Class graduate! Notice Madeline's "Official Big Sister" pin.

We went shopping afterward for a gift to give her baby brother at the hospital. (There will be a gift from "Pork Chop" waiting for Madeline when she visits him for the first time.)  Madeline picked out, for her brother,  a soft stuffed tool box with small stuffed tools inside.

Summer Fun

Kid Soup
Sprinkler fun too!
Buffalo has quite a reputation for some frigid weather.  Certainly, this can be the case during our winter months but don't think for a moment that we are snow covered 12 months a year.  The past few weeks have been filled with some great summer days.  And what happens????? The same people who complain about snow, frigid temperatures and shoveling are the same people that are complaining about the heat.  Frankly, I am tired of hearing people bitch.  Are record high temperatures and high humidity any fun for a Mama who just waddled into her 9th month of pregnancy with feet swollen to the size of watermelons any fun? Nooooo......however, I would take the summer months over the winter months at any time.  (Okay, time for a disclaimer....it is probably easy for me to say that since my house has air conditioning and a pool.) 

"Kid Cauldron" - despite the weather, the kids wanted to try out the hot tub too!
Buffalo summers are what David, Madeline and I live for.  We resist putting the air conditioning on as long as possible.  We are quite often the only people on our street with our windows cranked open however, there are times, like this past week, where the humidity wins out.  So, we close up the house and enjoy our yard by going for a dip in the pool.  It is, of course, much more enjoyable to share these summer days with friends.  Yesterday, my MOMS Club friends had a play date on the calendar at a local park.  With record highs expected along with high humidity, we decided to alter our plans.  Instead of our park date, we enjoyed a mini pool party to help everyone cool off.  I believe it was a hit.....at least I know Madeline and I enjoyed ourselves!  With 3 of my friends, 8 of Madeline's friends and 2 dog playmates for Sobaka over to our house, how could we not have an afternoon of fun??

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mama-Dirtyfoot: Missing In Action!

Flamingo Las Vegas
Although it may seem that I am missing in action, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth.  We are all here and doing well.  The only thing I am guilty of is loosing track of time.  Summer is half over and I haven't posted any of our adventures!  I need to get better at this....especially for my friends and family that live out of state (as well as a few local WNY friends) and have had to give me phone calls, gently nudging me for updates!

My last post was of Madeline's school's Mother's Day celebration.  Things got busy after that and haven't slowed down since.  On Mother's Day, David, Madeline, Sobaka and I traveled to my sister, Margaret, in Beavercreek, OH.  Margaret agreed to watch Madeline and Sobaka so that David and I could manage a romantic get-away before the baby came.  David and I left Madeline & Sobaka with Margaret, her hubby Mark and Madeline's cousins, Chris & Kate, and flew out of Cincinnati to our Vegas get-away.  My plan was to post about our trip shortly after getting home, however, time simply got away from me. First, I want to say THANK YOU sooooo much Margaret for allowing this time for David and me.  David and I enjoyed ourselves and Madeline had a blast with you!  Secondly, in order to avoid a ridiculously loooooonnnggg blog post, I think the best way to catch-up my friends is to have a photo blog entry with the photos and captions telling the majority of the story of our adventures.  Enjoy...I will try to be better at keeping up to date.

Enjoying lunch in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant - Paris Hotel, Vegas

Poolside prego Mama-Dirtyfoot enjoying virgin Pina Coladas

A view of our hotel's pool.  THIS is why we came here!

The view from our room
 David had a work conference in Cooperstown, NY at the end of May.  Cooperstown is only a four hour drive from where we live so we decided to tag along.  Madeline and I occupied ourselves while David was busy working.  The majority of our time was spent at the hotel pool however, one afternoon the business conference attendees had the opportunity to either network while playing golf or, for the non-golfers, they organized a softball game at Doubleday Field (on the grounds of the Baseball Hall of Fame).  David is not a golfer so he opted for softball.  As a result, Madeline and I were able to cheer Papa on from the stands.
Papa's cheerleader! (That is David in the background on the field)
David and I began child birth classes in preparation for my delivering "Pork Chop".  I am pretty certain I will forget everything when the time comes.  I guess all I'll really need to know is what kind of drugs they can give me to ease the pain.  Regardless, David and I were able to count on a few Tuesday night "date nights"....oh so exciting birthing class "dates", but a night out, nonetheless.  Oh....and don't even get me started on the childbirth and c-section movies!!!  Talk about freaking out an expectant mom to be!!

Madeline also began her first season of soccer, and thus I entered the world of (eh-hem) soccer moms. Good News - Madeline is on the team with her friend Dani and I get to socialize with Dani's mom, my friend Kym, at the once a week practices and once a week games.  Other good news, Madeline is a fast runner and she, at times, seems to enjoy running around the field like a little monkey.  Bad News - Madeline does much better at individual sports such as swimming and ice skating.  Our little gal tends to be in "La La Land" on the soccer field and is more apt to be picking dandelions on the field while the game is going on around her.  Oh well....

Madeline ready for soccer

An action shot (Madeline is #10)
Madeline also had a great milestone on June 1st - she graduated from Pre-K!!  I can't believe that our little girl is off to kindergarten in September!  She is getting to be such a big girl!  Where has the time gone?!?!?!?

Pre-K Graduation Processional

For some reason I was not able to rotate this photo.  Anyway, Madeline after her graduation.
 In June, David met his best friend, Jon, in Chicago to see the Yankees and Cubs play at Wrigley Field.  Jon is a huge Yankees fan and David is a huge Cubs fan.

Madeline being silly when we dropped David at the airport to go to Chicago.

David's ideal "Guy Weekend" - Cubs, Wrigley Field & Old Style Beer

David's and Jon's view at Wrigley
 While David was out of town, I tackled a project.  Many, many years ago (Before David and I met) David purchased an antique rocker from a thrift store with the thought of reupholstering it.  Many moons later I decided that I couldn't stand the chair another second.  With practically no experience in this area I jumped right into the project.  It took a lot more work than I thought but here are some photos.
BEFORE - This was taken after I started to take apart the chair.  My thoughts at this point where, "OMG!! What did I get myself into?!?!

David came home from Chicago in the afternoon on Father's Day.  Typically, I like to cook a nice Father's Day breakfast, however, due to David's travel schedule we altered our plans.  Madeline and I packed a picnic and headed up to Lake Ontario after picking David up from the airport.
Shopping for our Father's Day picnic

Papa and Madeline - Merry-go-round: Olcott Beach

Our Father's Day Picnic

Mama & Maddie getting silly
My friends, Kelly and Tammy, threw me a wonderful baby shower to prepare for "Pork Chop's" arrival.  I was so busy being pampered and showered with gifts that I don't really have many pictures from the event.  (If you are reading this, were at the shower, and took some pics, could you send me some pics?....Pretty Please??)  Not only were Mama-Dirtyfoot and "Pork Chop" sufficiently spoiled that evening, Madeline was also showered with some great "Big Sister Gifts".  I was also thrilled to have my sisters and a niece travel in for the shower (sister Margaret & niece Kate from Ohio and sister Marysia from Maryland)

Mama, Papa & Madeline the night of the shower (not sure why I can't rotate this photo either)
Speaking of preparing for "Pork Chop", due to my "advanced maternal age", I am now making a weekly trip to the hospital's fetal monitoring department to peek in on our little guy.

Mama-Dirtyfoot all strapped up for monitoring

"Pork Chop" 3-D sonogram picture
David has traveled so much this year for work that we were very happy to stay home the majority of 4th of July weekend.  We did, however, venture out to a local park for some fireworks.
Waiting for the fireworks to start
Pre-firework entertainment
 My side of the family had our 23rd annual camp-out. We six siblings and our families, as well as an aunt and two uncles, camped at Pennsylvania's Hills Creek State Park.

Madeline had a week filled with so much cousin fun!!  Here she is sharing lunch with her cousin Anna.

David celebrated his 45th birthday while at the camp out.  (I celebrated my 41st birthday the day before the baby shower but I don't have any birthday pictures)

23rd annual camp out - serious pose

And....the silly pose.  YES, that is me and Uncle Ron comparing tummies and YES, that is me "delivering" a pork loin.

At the camp out, my nephew, Tommy, and my niece, Julie, presented me with these custom made onesies for "Pork Chop".  I actually have another one with the dictionary definition of pork chop. I didn't realize it was still in the gift bag until after I took the photo. Definition #3 - " a bundle of joy".
My book club/MOMS Club friends not only showered me and "Pork Chop" with gifts at my baby shower in June but at our monthly book club, they surprised me with a personal shower to pamper Mama.  I was spoiled with "Mama essentials", flowers, chocolates, and post-pregnancy "adult beverages".  In anticipation of "Pork Chop" I also got the most awesome fuzzy pig slippers!  But, for a few laughs I had to put myself in the baby's shoes......below is the result.
Yes, I am wearing a bib and a diaper!! 
As you can see, we have had a busy summer.  In between all the events above (and I am sure there are some I have missed), Madeline has been enjoying play dates with her friends while I (and Papa too) have been cherishing the remaining few quiet moments to share as a family of three.  Soon, ALL of our lives will change.  Certainly, the changes will be marvelous, but no longer will it just be the three of us.  Soon we will become four.  And so, we take each possible moment to enjoy the here and now before the anticipated changes.
Madeline and Dani

Madeline and Michellyn

Madeline and Owen 
Madeline and Mama enjoying a quiet moment