Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mama and Madeline - Mother's Day Tea
Madeline was so proud that she was being a big girl and serving Mama
Happy Mother's Day out the to all the moms, expecting moms and "moms in waiting".  I just wanted to share a couple pictures from Friday.  Madeline's school had a Mother's Day tea.  The moms were invited into the classroom for part of the day.  Upon arrival the moms were able to spend some one-on-one time with their kids in the classroom by playing a game together or reading a book together.  Madeline is one to always wear her emotions (especially excitement) on her sleeve.  Madeline was bubbling over with excitement to have me in school with her.  Once everyone arrived, we all took a seat.  The kids were called up table by table to get the goodies for their moms.  Madeline was so proud to be able to serve me my tea, muffin and fruit.  The kids were then able to go back up and get themselves what they wanted to eat.  Finally, the children presented their moms with gifts that they made.  Madeline could hardly contain her excitement when giving me the gifts.  Her handmade card had a drawn picture of me, Madeline and Sobaka on the front.  I also received a nice scrolled copy of a poem that the class made about moms and also a handmade picture frame that included a beautiful smiley picture of Madeline.  I enjoyed being invited to share part of Madeline's day with her and Madeline LOVED having me with her in much so, that she didn't want me to leave.  She actually cried when it was time for the mommies to go.  Thank you, Maddie for a great Mother's Day celebration.

So proud of the beautiful gifts she was showering on Mama
As for today, Sunday, I am getting ready to have my breakfast that Madeline and David are preparing for me - a toasted bagel with cream cheese, fresh strawberries, OJ and coffee.  Shortly afterward we are hitting the road to Beavercreek, Ohio to see my sister.  I look forward to having a laid back day with David and Madeline and enjoying the Mother's Day evening with my sister and her family.  From my sister's David and I are leaving Madeline and Sobaka for a "last chance" get away (just the two of us) before the travel restrictions set in prior to the baby's arrival.  I don't plan on bringing my computer so I will leave you in suspense on our get-away details until we arrive home.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Belated Easter

Spring time in Buffalo - Should we play with winter toys or summer toys??  The answer changes daily!
It has been some time since my last post.  It would be ridiculous to even try to fill you in on our day-to-date going-ons since that last post, yet the VERY brief summary is that, as always, life has been hectic.  After a visit from Grandpa and a return trip to Indiana, David traveled to Turkey for work.  After delayed flights and lost luggage (one of his bags has yet to be found), David returned home the night before Easter.  While David was away, Madeline and I were busy (a) preparing for Easter, but also (b) just simply busying ourselves until Papa returned.  Since David's homecoming, we have actually had some time together, as a family, at home....minimal distractions.  You would think that would mean that things would slow down for us, yet somehow I feel as though we are at least as busy as before. 

I guess, at this point, the best way to share our holidays is to simply  just post a bunch of pictures with captions and let you know that our Easter was wonderful since the 3.5 of us were all together again.


(sorry the video is sideways  - ooppps!  This is a video giving you a glimpse of shopping with Madeline.  BTW, the dress that I said I didn't like is the one she ended up with.  It looked a lot cuter on than it did on the hanger.  That girl has a good eye!)

Madeline insisted in doing the dressing room gig by herself and she would come out to show me.  Although this is one dress she tried on, we opted for a different one for Easter.

Making pizza for dinner one night while Papa was in Turkey

Despite giving her the option of McDonald's or a hot dog, Madeline opted to stand in line for lunch at the Broadway Market for Polish food. We split this Polish mom would be so proud!

Madeline was thrilled to see the Easter Bunny at the Broadway Market.

It was ridiculous how long we stood in line for face painting at the Broadway Market but Madeline remembered that we did this the year before and she was looking forward to it.

Besides, it made her such a happy camper. 

An Easter display at the Broadway Market

Madeline, the Easter lamb

This picture is for my sponge candy-loving Kentucky family

OMG! Hysterical!!  Polish onesies at the Broadway Market

Decorating Easter eggs. Madeline personalized eggs for Mama, Papa, Madeline and Baby

Showing off her artwork

Adding stickers

My first Easter lamb cake!  My paternal grandmother bought the cake mold for my Aunt Sue at the Broadway Market in 1961.  My Aunt Sue passed along the cake mold to me.  Madeline couldn't wait to help decorate the cake with "fur".

Madeline awoke earlier for the Easter Bunny than she did for Santa.  Plus, she quickly found her Easter Basket.  That bunny needs to do a better job of hiding her basket next year!

The Easter Bunny hooked me up!  My FAVORITE Easter treat!

Madeline found Papa's basket too!

All dressed up for Easter

Mama and Maddie - Did Mama swallow an Easter Basket whole?!?!

Madeline (and me too!) was so happy that Papa made it home from Turkey in time for Easter.  Here David and Madeline do a silly pose.

Sobaka is happy to be in the mix too.

Our Easter Święconka

After a week filled with a grueling travel for work, David took off on Monday.  We had a nice family day together on Monday.  Here I am armed with my "gun" to do our baby registry

Madeline was a big helper with the registry.  She had lots of fun helping pick things out for her baby brother.

We enjoyed a family lunch out after the registry.  Here Madeline and I are getting goofy seat dancing to the music on the loud speaker at the burger joint.