Monday, April 18, 2011

A Visit From Grandpa

Madeline & Grandpa playing blocks
We have been very busy since my last post.  Two weeks ago (4/3), David's dad came from Indiana to visit us.  It was a nice opportunity for him to get away and a nice opportunity for us to visit.  Well, I am not sure if David's dad is aware that it is no small secret among the kids that we do not want him driving.  In order to avoid chaos on the roads, David and his sister met half-way between his home in Indiana and our home in New York for a "dad swap".  They each set off on Sunday morning for a 4 hour drive to meet up in Windsor, Ontario, have lunch together, do the "dad swap" and return home. 

Sabres pre-game show
Madeline, Papa & Grandpa at the Sabres game
David, Madeline & Sabretooth
Madeline was beyond excited to have Grandpa come and visit.  She certainly kept Grandpa busy.  The activity level was constant for Grandpa.  She was either asking Grandpa to play blocks on the floor with her, dragging Grandpa up to her room and "holding him hostage" there so he could watch her draw on her easel, following Grandpa around like a puppy and asking, "What are you doing?" or "Why are you doing that?".  I even overheard Madeline asking Grandpa to hop on one foot (no small task for a 76 year old man) and Grandpa obliged.  So I wasn't surprised when Grandpa would want to take a nap.  But, what I am not sure of is if Madeline simply tired Grandpa out or if Grandpa was retreating to the guest room to get a break from our very active little girl.

Gifts for "Porkchop"
Grandpa also came bearing gifts.  Madeline got a new supply of coloring gear while "Porkchop" received his first gifts - clothing, hats, diapers & wipes.  David's dad was very proud of himself and the fact that he navigated through the Carter's store by himself and picked out these items on his own.  I must say,  he did a GREAT job as I love everything he picked out.

Aside from keeping David's dad busy at home, he also went to see Madeline swim (unfortunately, ice skating lessons finished the week prior), we went out to dinner one night and went to see a Buffalo Sabres game another night. 

On Friday, instead of having David's sister drive out for another "dad swap" to get Dad back home, David and I decided to drive his dad the full way back to Indiana and stay through the weekend so that we would also have an opportunity to visit with David's mom.  We felt this was important because (a) there won't be many opportunities to travel there before I have travel restrictions and (b) Monday (4/11) was David's mom's birthday. 

David, Madeline & Tiger at Michigan City Zoo
There was some beautiful weather while we were in Indiana.  We took advantage of the weather and enjoyed a little family time at the zoo.  I have been going to Michigan City, Indiana for 16 years and this is the first time I visited their zoo!!  While in town, David's sister, Carolyn, arranged for the family to have a private dining room at the home so that we could have a mini-birthday celebration on Saturday night with Mom.  Carolyn always goes all out with decorations, etc. so even though our party was a small group, it was a special event for David's mom.

Grandma & Madeline celebrating Grandma's birthday
On Sunday we headed back home but decided to only drive half-way home and complete the rest of the trip on Monday.  Sunday was another beautiful day.  We enjoyed the sunny day as we drove to Windsor.  Once in Windsor we checked into a pet-friendly Radisson.  We enjoyed the rest of the sunny Sunday by the family (including Sobaka) taking a walk along the river and giving Madeline an opportunity to play on the riverwalk's playgrounds.  After returning to the hotel, Madeline was able to burn off more energy with a trip to the pool.  Afterward, we enjoyed a pizza "picnic" in our room for dinner.  Our overnight in Windsor was a nice family time before David had to return to work on Tuesday. 

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