Monday, October 31, 2011

Teeth Falling Out BEFORE Candy?!?!

Madeline lost her first tooth!
I thought it was the candy that was supposed to make your teeth fall out.  Well....Madeline lost her first baby tooth, *before* the evening's trick or treating.  I picked Madeline up from school today and her tooth was out.....WHAT?!?!?!?!  I knew it was (slightly) loose but was under the assumption that this was going to take a while yet.  Madeline was not playing with or complaining about the tooth at all so I had zero belief that the tooth was ready to move any time soon.  Wow!!!  Our older baby is growing up.

 The remaining of the photos are pretty self explanatory. Although we have had to fumble our way thru the Fall traditions in our new city, we found a way to continue on with our seasonable traditions.
Anticipating Halloween the day before

Pumpkin Carving
Shopping for Halloween gear at WalMart

Are you kidding me Mom??? You want to stick me IN a pumpkin??

Absolute CHAOS, trying to get the perfect Halloween photo

Our lil pumpkin

Our Maddie-Witch

Our Little Monster

Madeline and Jonathan - Their 1st Halloween together

Our jack-o-lanterns

Jonathan, bundled up for trick or treating

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