Saturday, December 24, 2011

Almost Home

House - Round 2
For those of you that regularly follow my blog, you will know that we previously placed a bid in on a house.  As it turned out, there were multiple bidders on that house.  Evidently, we weren't the highest bidder and so we lost the first house we bid on.  No problem....obviously that house was not meant to be ours and so, we went back to the drawing board.  We continued to keep our eyes open for new listings and reconsidered some houses that we previously viewed.    After another look, David and I decided that we wanted to bid on a house that we had previously seen. 

We placed our offer.  The house is a foreclosure that has been on the market for a long time.  As a result, we came in very low with our offer (what the heck, right?).  After very little negotiations with the bank, our offer was accepted.  We are extremely lucky that we are able to take advantage of a "perfect storm" in the home buying world. Interest rates are super low, the MSP market has hit rock bottom (we hope), we are buying a house in winter and the house is a foreclosure that has been on the market a long time. We were able to get the deal of a lifetime.

My family and friends that have been our cheerleaders throughout this entire relocation process have been anticipating more info/pictures of the house.  And so, I have included them in this blog post.  The next step is our home inspection on December 30th.  Assuming all goes well in that department, we would close on the house approximately February 15th.  The house has very private "guest quarters" and so, I look forward to visitors who will help build memories and thus, make this house a home.
A view from the family room

Bar in the basement

Part of the rec area in the basement. Not sure if this would be a TV area or a kids' play area

A view from the family room into the dining room


Foyer - looking into kitchen and to 2nd floor

Family room
Bathroom in the basement (guest area)

Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom.....we'll even furnish it with a bed so, come and visit!!

One of the kids' rooms

Kitchen (open area in island is a space for a wine fridge)

Development's lake is cleared off for ice skating (a much larger lake is just around the corner and is supposedly good for fishing)

Laundry room

Bathroom off of master bedroom
Entrance into master bedroom

Master bedroom

Upstairs hall - I am walking out of bathroom. Another kids' room to right

Work area on 2nd floor



Rebekah said...

Love it, Amy!!! Beautiful Home! Maybe this will make moving to Minnesota a little sweeter. :)

Kelly said...

I absolutely love it Amy!!! Can't wait to visit!!