Sunday, March 4, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lunch date - Me, Judy, Kathleen, Maryann
Today was a good "Girls Day".  No matter how much we love our husbands and our kids, not much rejuvenates a woman's soul more than "girl time".  Often, it is after these "girl moments" that I can go home, refreshed, and ready to be a better wife and a better mom.  I am not quite sure how all of that happens....something in the hormones, maybe?  David is, by far, my biggest supporter and my best friend and yet, we women just speak the same language and understand each others challenges.  Today, I had an enjoyable lunch date with my cousin, Judy, (who lives here, locally), my cousin Maryann (who lives in Colorado) who I haven't seen in about 35 years and my cousin Michael's wife, Kathleen (who also lives in Colorado and who I met for the first time today).  Despite just recently reconnecting with Judy, having been a lifetime since I saw Maryann and just meeting Kathleen, we shared stories and laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt.

Madeline was a happy girl! But what was she wearing?? What a first impression!!
Maybe the need for friends is ingrained in a woman from birth??  Since our move here, Madeline has made a few school friends.....but that is just what they are, school friends.  She has had no real playmates outside of school.  Aside from our brief visit back to Buffalo, Madeline has also been missing girl time.  Today, when we were at the house, Madeline was playing outside, once again sledding down the slope in our backyard.  Along came a little girl, Sarah.  Sarah's family just relocated from Chicago.  They are temporarily staying with the mom's parents (right next door!) while they look for a house.  Sarah is also in kindergarten.  Before long, Madeline and Sarah were sledding in the backyard together and eventually Madeline played for about a half-hour at Sarah's house where they had a great time playing Barbies.

Both Mama and Madeline needed this!  We both enjoyed our girl time!  And David was happy.....let's be honest, what man isn't happy when the women (big or small) living under the same roof are happy. I mean, really.....isn't life a little easier??  There has to be *some* truth to the saying, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"! Rest assured, Mama (and daughter) are happy.

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