Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comfort Food

Comfort in food...yep, that's me.  It's part of my upbringing.  Is it my Polish blood? Maybe.  Or maybe it is just my more immediate familial food fetish background.  It's no secret that my side of the family are foodies!  And it wasn't until I sat down for dinner that I realized I was cooking up a storm, I guess, in search of that perfect comfort food.

You see, our new little doggie, Sobaka, is currently on night two in the hospital.  It looks as though Sobaka picked up kennel cough during her stay at the SPCA.  Although this in itself is not uncommon, the kennel cough progressed to pneumonia.  It has only been a week with Sobaka and yes, we are already attached.  And, yes, I am worried.  Yes, I miss her.  And thus, the comfort food.

Earlier today, I made homemade cranberry sauce.  Hmmmmm.....what to make for dinner?  Gosh, I haven't had breaded pork chops in ages.  Madeline was bugging me to "make the recipe" with me and so I gave her a learning experience and had her bread the pork chops. As the pork chops were in the oven I prepared an apple pie which was stuck in the oven as we ate dinner. For dinner, I served the pork chops with with the cranberries, applesauce, green beans and (boxed) potatoes au gratin.  Nah, nothing too fancy or swanky.  Just everyday ole cookin'.  Very everyday but as I sat down for dinner, I looked at my plate and thought that it looked *exactly* like a meal I might have had as a child.  And so, in hindsight, I realized that I busied myself in the kitchen to take my mind off of Sobaka.  Get well soon little doggie.  We love you already!

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