Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Chow time! - Sobaka & Zoe
My last post was 10 day ago?!  Where does the time go???  Wow.....busy, busy, always soooooo busy.  I am grateful that it is a "good busy", but busy nonetheless.  I can without doubt, say that we have adjusted to having a doggie.  Although, I must say, Sobaka is such a good dog that the adjustment period (minus her 3 nights in the hospital) has been a breeze.  Sobaka follows us everywhere, she is amazing with Madeline and so unbelievably mild-mannered.  Even the cats are getting used to having Sobaka around. Zoe, our cat that was inherited from my mom, is the most skittish cat on the planet and yet even Zoe will eat side by side with Sobaka (although I have since had to move the cat food because Sobaka is eating the cat food).  Sobaka also took her first road trip with us to visit David's parents in Indiana.  It was nice to be able to travel with a pet.  Sobaka was also able to go with us on visits to David's mom in the rehabilitation home.  Sobaka was amazing there much so that I would consider having her certified to be a therapy dog.  I have to admit that we were very apprehensive about taking on the responsibility of a dog but we are so happy that we did. Oh, and by the way, Sobaka is also getting spoiled by her aunt and cousin.  My niece, Becky, and her boyfriend, Zac, mailed a care package for Sobaka.  It included a rope pull toy and this "beer bottle" chew toy.  Hmmmm....great way to train Sobaka how to fetch us a beer - HA!  And my sister, Marysia, also sent something to Buffalo today with her husband Mike when he came to town to visit his parents.  Sobaka is looking forward to seeing what kind of goodies Aunt Marysia sent.
Fetch me a beer!

Classmates at Christina's 40th
My blog followers might recall that I celebrated my 40th birthday in June.  I can somehow be in denial about that, yet it makes it difficult to be in denial when all my friends from grade school/high school are also turning 40!  I am pretty sure my friend, Christina, is the youngest of my classmates and so I just recently attended her 40th birthday party.  In general, I would say that not many people keep in touch with anyone from grade school.  However, many of us DO keep in touch after all these years.  Here is a photo of me and 3 of my grade school classmates at Christina's party. (clockwise: Me, Mary Kay, Christina & Tracy)

I have also been busy organizing my new business.  I am in the midst of launching things and organizing my operation.  I might be recruiting *your* help to launch....placing an order, hosting a taste-testing party OR (great for out-of-towners) a catalog party.  Stay tuned for more Tastefully Simple news....

Mailing artwork to Aunt Mushie
Madeline is  growing in leaps and bounds.  I can't believe that she'll be 5 years old in only 6 days!  She is so interested in the beginning letter of words.  She is learning how to write her name - she hasn't quite mastered it because "Madeline" is a long name, but she gets close.  Today, however, out of the blue and completely unassisted, she said, "I wrote your name".  I looked over and read the word, "Mama".  Awwwwww!!!!!  Madeline is (for her age)  also so amazingly good at drawing.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, that girl has talent.  Her drawings for her age are so detailed.  I love her creations!  Madeline likes to have me mail out her work to various people.  I believe in this photo, Madeline is putting a picture in the mail for Aunt Marysia.  If you notice in the background of the picture, Madeline is just in time, as the mail truck is making its way up our street.

Costume #1 (Thanks Aunt Margaret!)
As I mentioned, we recently went to Indiana to visit David's family.  I brought along the pieces and parts to put together Madeline's Halloween costume while we were away but that didn't happen.  We arrived home from our trip late on Wednesday.  The lack of a costume wasn't a huge issue since Madeline's school party wasn't until Friday and Halloween isn't until Saturday.  I had forgotten, however, that her library story hour was having a Halloween thing Thursday morning.  I wasn't about to send Madeline to the library without her costume so we decided to have Madeline dress in her flapper dress that Madeline has in her dress-up clothes collection (courtesy of Aunt Margaret).  By Thursday night I decided that I will NEVER commit to making a costume again but, since I already committed, I spent Thursday evening sewing "fur" to create  Madeline's cat costume.  Despite the fact that my actual handi-work was crappy, I think the kitty costume turned out pretty good.  Madeline enjoyed her Halloween Party at school today.  She came home with enough candy to feed an army and she still gets to look forward to trick-or-treating.  And so, Sunday, you will see this little kitty roaming the streets and begging for candy.  Following nearby will be her best friend, Sobaka, in her costume too!

MEOW! Costume #2 - (Mama's creation)

Enjoying a story at school

Sobaka is ready to trick or treat!


Rebekah said...

Great Kitty Costume on an adorable little girl! Sadly, my kids will Always have store bought costumes....

Amy said...

Sadly????? I don't think so! Rebekah, it appears that you are the *smarter* of the two of us! Madeline's costumes will be store bought from now on!

Marysia said...

Great costume, Amy! Don't worry, Rebekah, my kids preferred the store bought costumes. I guess I never measured up in the costume making department. Amy, let Madeline know that I LOVED the artwork that she sent.