Monday, January 17, 2011

Hangin' In The Big Easy

Madeline holding Uncle Jon's hand
Still hangin' here in New Orleans.  Although New Orleans is often a trip filled with tourist activities for many, our tourism agenda has been relatively limited.  It is, after all, my fifth (at least) trip down here.  However, despite the fact that we may have made many trips here, when an out-of towner is looking for something to do, the tourist traps are a natural pull.  "Cringe, cringe", thinks Jon yet he was a good sport and indulged our yankee spirit.

Friday, Jon had to go into work and so David, Madeline and I had a lazy morning at Jon's house. At lunch time we met Jon downtown.  Madeline loves to visit her papa at work and so she thought it was pretty darn cool to visit Uncle Jon at his work.  The ladies in Jon's office had followed our adoption story while we were in Russia and they were thrilled to finally meet Madeline.  Madeline was spoiled with candies from their candy jars and so she was in her glory.  We went to lunch at Dickie Brennan's Palace Cafe, which is located just around the corner from Jon's office.  I tried turtle soup and it was delicious!  The remainder of Friday was low-key.  I cooked up a home-cooked breaded pork chop meal for the guys and we enjoyed hanging out and visiting.

Madeline getting beads from a street entertainer
Parent-of-the-year award??
"Safer" shopping & God-awful shorts!! No, we didn't buy!
Balcony lunch - Decatur Street, New Orleans
On Saturday, we thought we would head out for a few souvenir items to bring home.  What better a way to start a morning in New Orleans than with beignets and cafe au lait?  Although the best known place in New Orleans for this treat is Cafe Du Monde, however Jon took us to a local spot called Morning Call.  They were sooooo good!  Instantaneously, I was convinced that I would *need* more beignets before we leave New Orleans!  After breakfast, David, Jon, Madeline and I headed down to the French Quarter.  There are many nice galleries and gift shops in The Quarter - and then there is Bourbon Street.  Well, since it was the middle of the day I figured it would be safe enough to take a quick stroll down Bourbon Street.  Keep in mind, that I was thinking more of shielding Madeline from the drunken antics that occur on Bourbon Street after dark.  Heck, we know all too well what too many Pat O'Brien's Hurricanes can do - been there, done that (pre-Madeline, of course!)  But like I said, it was the middle of the day and I figured we could hit some of the souvenir stores that line Bourbon Street.  Here is were David & I get "parent-of-the-year" award (not!)  Well, aside from this photo of Madeline posing with a completely inappropriate t-shirt, I had to depart from my shopping daze when David alerted me to the beads adorned with sets of boobies and the wind-up jumping peckers that were in this gift shop...and the next one...and the next one.  Okay, I guess on our previous trips to Bourbon street, we were too busy participating in our own drunken antics to do souvenir shopping.  Needless to say, it wasn't long before we removed Madeline from the jumping pecker scene and proceeded to more of the galleries and general souvenir shops.  Once the guys were "shopped out" (it didn't take long), we were ready for lunch.  The weather was nice enough to sit outside on a balcony overlooking Decatur Street and its horse-drawn carriages as well as a view of the Mississippi River.  I enjoyed another New Orleans treat, a shrimp Po boy and Madeline got a kick out of announcing the arrival of another passing horse as she nibbled on her fried shrimp.  The remainder of Saturday was pretty lazy.  The temperature was comfortable and we were able to sit outside as Jon grilled up some steaks for dinner.  Despite sitting under a patio heater and wrapped in a blanket, I enjoyed every second of the evening's fresh air because I knew that at home single digit tempts awaited us.

Jon, are you *sure* you want me to drive your car?!?!
One of our finds while out shopping
Sunday, we started out our day with more of those beignets that I *needed*.  This time we had them from Cafe Du Monde.  Again, yum!  Also, Sunday: playoff football.  With two guy friends, who have been friends for almost 20 years, do you actually think they wanted to do anything other than watch the games?  Need I say more??  That's okay - I totally didn't mind!  Jon, gave me the keys to his BMW and his credit cards and asked me to help him out with some decorating ideas for his house.  Really??  Go shopping and spend someone else's money??  Sure, no problem.  It was a win-win situation.  The guys had me and Madeline out of their hair for an entire afternoon while I got to shop, shop, shop....oh, and drive around New Orleans in a BMW.  By the time Madeline and I got back it was dinner time and Jon grilled out a delicious BBQ chicken dinner for us.

Our time here in New Orleans is winding down.  It is sad because we are really enjoying ourselves.  David heads home tomorrow evening and Madeline and I come home on Tuesday.  We will try to fit in as much fun as we can while we are still here and I will certainly keep you posted.

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Marty said...

I can't believe David didn't buy the pants! Perfect for MCO! I have a cup from Cafe du Monde from a business trip I took to NO almost 20 years ago.