Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What??? It's a new year???

Waiting to see the Buffalo Philharmonic "Visit With Santa" Holiday Pops
I have been quite neglectful of my blog lately.  Christmas came and went in the blink of an eye and we are already a week and a half into 2011!  I will have to write a novel to discuss all that has happened since my last post so, instead, I will briefly bring everyone up to speed and try to tell the rest of the story with lots of pictures.

The Christmas season is always hectic and ours was no exception.  After returning home from our visit to Marysia, we were busy with last minute preparations, school pageants, etc.  Certainly we understand and celebrate the "reason for the season" but we also get visited by Santa.  5 year olds are at prime Santa age and Madeline was bursting with excitement in her anticipation of Santa's arrival.  Madeline must've been a very good girl this past year because she got lots of goodies from Santa on Christmas morning.  We had a very quiet Christmas Eve and Christmas day celebration as it was just the three of us.  Christmas Eve's dinner was the traditional Wigilia (click here to read 2008's post for description of my Wigilia) and Christmas dinner was what is now a tradition for us - Beef Wellington.

Outside Kleinhan's Music Hall.  My great uncle sculpted this statue of Chopin
The day after Christmas we were on the road to head to Indiana to visit David's family. (Not sure how this happened but I can't seem to find any pictures from there!  Did we not take any?!?!)  David's mom is doing great.  It is amazing what a difference a year makes!  Unfortunately, our trip was quick and we were heading back home with another long car ride on the 29th.

New Year's Eve was also quiet and uneventful.  Madeline celebrated her "New Year" at 8:30pm, complete with noisemakers.  She didn't know any different and this allowed David and I a quiet evening in front of the TV, watching the ball drop and eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  Wow! I think we are getting old.....although, we DID still make it up 'til midnight.

We went to Mass at a gorgeous old church in downtown Bflo before the philharmonic.
David and Madeline watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Madeline's school's Christmas Program
After ringing in the New Year, I hosted a post-holiday Christmas party at my house last week......which is the ONLY reason my Christmas trees are still up!  By this time in January, they are beginning to look like an eyesore, however, we are so busy now and are preparing to leave for New Orleans later this week.  I am embarrassed to say that those trees won't come down until after we get home.

Last minute cookie baking
Wigilia table
Cookies and milk for Santa
Carrots and water for Santa's reindeer
Christmas morning
Wishing each of you a very happy and healthy 2011!


Craig and Phyllis said...

I'm relating to your post! Craig got our tree down last Saturday. I was saying that really we could justify it since the Russian Christmas is celebrated January 7th! : ) Maybe you can hang hearts on them for Valentines Day?! You are so creative, I think you could pull it off!

Amy said...

Phyllis - no lie, I have a very close friend that has kept her tree up as late as President's Day. THAT I don't understand and it is a running joke with us. I just hope that I am not in the running for breaking this record this year!