Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Human Again

BEFORE - ugh!
I was long, long, long overdue for a hair dye.  In fact, I think I have been complaining about my hair since Christmas time yet for various reasons I wasn't able to get to a hair appointment until today.  I tried to book an appointment during the time that Madeline would be at school but I could only get an appointment for late afternoon. I wasn't sure how I was going to have Madeline occupy herself for a minimum of two hours at a salon while the stylist made miracles on me but I wasn't about to wait any longer to get myself put back together.  Despite NOT being an advocate of this, I was ready to stoop to the idea of bringing our portable DVD player and a movie for this period of time.  Thankfully, my friend, Kym, offered to watch Madeline while I went to the salon.  I was thrilled to have a peaceful salon experience and Madeline was thrilled to play with Kym's daughter Dani.

BEFORE - Close-up of my gray roots
BEFORE - Me trying to look presentable on date night
AFTER - A much happier Mama-Dirtyfoot
My cousins, Judy & Maryann, have been light-heartedly harassing me on Facebook about showing the world before and after photos.  This is quite a stretch considering that for the past week or so I didn't even like the idea of going out in public as a result of my gray roots and faded brassy ends.  But, I have given in and have decided to post some shots.  So, after a color (with a couple highlights), cut and waxing, I feel human again.  BUT...the absolute BEST part was the price.  I got ALL of that for $50 (plus tip)!!!  For you ladies, you know that it is not uncommon to spend $50 just for a cut!  I actually thought the lady was charging me wrong and so I reviewed the services that I got.  Nope, the price was not wrong.....which made my experience that much more enjoyable!

AFTER -Side View (please ignore triple chins & bags under eyes. Those weren't included in make over)