Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank You Uncle Charles

Madeline made her selection - Hello Kitty
Waiting in line...
Picking out the kitty sound
Madeline was officially introduced to the world of Build-A-Bear.  Lately, when Madeline and I have been to the mall she has been begging me to go into the Build-A-Bear store.  I have been able to successfully walk out of the store without purchasing but I know Madeline was dying to experience the Build-A-Bear experience.  She loved window shopping all the stuffed animal choices and the huge selection of clothing and accessories for the animals.  David's Uncle Charles has been so thoughtful in remembering his great-niece, Madeline, for her birthday and Christmas. When sending a note of thanks to Uncle Charles we mentioned that we planned to put the monetary gift into Madeline's savings account until it was decided how to spend it.  Initially I figured we would wait until spring/summer time.  With a November birthday and Christmas following quickly afterward, Madeline is often in need (or want) of summer toys.  However, instead, we decided that the Build-A-Bear experience would be a real treat and something that Madeline would absolutely love.

Papa in charge of holding all the accessories
Hello Kitty coming to life!
Madeline chose a Hello Kitty to build.  Despite her wacky parents with our wacky sense of humor trying to talk her into equipping Hello Kitty with a dog sound or lion roar, Madeline picked out a kitty meow to be included in her Hello Kitty.  Madeline got a kick out of seeing her Hello Kitty come to life.  After a stuffed heart was placed inside the kitty and the stuffing was blown inside, Hello Kitty was stitched up and ready to go home.  Of course, Madeline also picked out PJ's slippers, blanket, pillow, shorts & shirt too.  Yep, Sunday, a Build-A-Bear junkie was created and Hello Kitty has not left Madeline's side since. 

Thanks again, Uncle Charles!
Hello Kitty's "bathtime" before she goes home.

Hello Kitty & Madeline in their PJs

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