Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Fun

Kid Soup
Sprinkler fun too!
Buffalo has quite a reputation for some frigid weather.  Certainly, this can be the case during our winter months but don't think for a moment that we are snow covered 12 months a year.  The past few weeks have been filled with some great summer days.  And what happens????? The same people who complain about snow, frigid temperatures and shoveling are the same people that are complaining about the heat.  Frankly, I am tired of hearing people bitch.  Are record high temperatures and high humidity any fun for a Mama who just waddled into her 9th month of pregnancy with feet swollen to the size of watermelons any fun? Nooooo......however, I would take the summer months over the winter months at any time.  (Okay, time for a is probably easy for me to say that since my house has air conditioning and a pool.) 

"Kid Cauldron" - despite the weather, the kids wanted to try out the hot tub too!
Buffalo summers are what David, Madeline and I live for.  We resist putting the air conditioning on as long as possible.  We are quite often the only people on our street with our windows cranked open however, there are times, like this past week, where the humidity wins out.  So, we close up the house and enjoy our yard by going for a dip in the pool.  It is, of course, much more enjoyable to share these summer days with friends.  Yesterday, my MOMS Club friends had a play date on the calendar at a local park.  With record highs expected along with high humidity, we decided to alter our plans.  Instead of our park date, we enjoyed a mini pool party to help everyone cool off.  I believe it was a least I know Madeline and I enjoyed ourselves!  With 3 of my friends, 8 of Madeline's friends and 2 dog playmates for Sobaka over to our house, how could we not have an afternoon of fun??

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