Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Big Sister Kind Of Day

Grabbing some breakfast on the way to sibling class
The hospital where I am going to deliver "Pork Chop" offers many class options to help prepare families for the birth of their child.  David and I have already attended child birthing classes, I have attended a breast feeding class and today, Madeline attended a siblings class.  As a result, we tried to make this morning special for our little girl.  Here are a few pictures of our day.

Class Time
This isn't the best picture of Madeline but I HAD TO share. Madeline was to practice holding the baby.  Notice the position of the baby's head???  I think more practice will be needed!

Sibling Class graduate! Notice Madeline's "Official Big Sister" pin.

We went shopping afterward for a gift to give her baby brother at the hospital. (There will be a gift from "Pork Chop" waiting for Madeline when she visits him for the first time.)  Madeline picked out, for her brother,  a soft stuffed tool box with small stuffed tools inside.


Rebekah said...

So sweet! Love that! Love Madeline's beautiful smiles too!

Mary said...

How funny that Madeline picked that out. That is also what we bought for Christian at FAO Schwrtz while we were in New York City. Great minds think alike, Madeline!!!

Craig and Phyllis said...

Oh, we did the same thing when Brooke was born - but it was just Brooke giving Ryan a gift! So excited for you guys!