Monday, November 14, 2011


So, I do not have here, in Minnesota, friends for me to enjoy a girls' night out.  No MOMS Club MNO (Moms Night Out), no book club, no ice cream dates with Tammy, no scrap booking crops with Kelly & Debbie, no dinners with grade school friends, no lunches/dinners with former accounting or teaching co-workers.

Also, I do not have a babysitter here yet.  Therefore, no kid-free nights on the town with David. No movie nights, no romantic dinners, no painting the town red.  This has now changed to restaurants with kids meals printed on paper activity placemats or lunch at a McDonalds that has a "Play Place".

It has been almost two months without a Mama's kid-free get-away (no counting a hair cut/color) and except for a couple hours in September to attend a work sponsored going away party for David, no alone time with David. Before the going away get together, David and I have not been kid free since the beginning of July.  Also, David and I used to retreat to the hot tub in our old house.  Fall is perfect hot tub weather but no hot tub here. It has been almost two months since the last time we enjoyed our hot tub in NY.  Throw in the stress of a new baby, a relocation half-way across the country, managing big-time transitions for Madeline (not to mention the rest of us), house hunting and living in much "closer quarters" with everyone while in this house rental and you have a recipe for the need to get away.

No friends? No babysitter?  That's okay.....Calgon take me away!  Hot bubble bath, cell phone to chit chat with friends, a Travel magazine to read while dreaming of travel to an exotic locale and (thanks, David, for bringing this upstairs) some "Mommy's Time Out" wine.

Ahhhhh.....MUCH better!

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