Sunday, November 13, 2011

And So We Wait....

David and I are desperately trying to get ourselves settled here in Minnesota.  Despite being in denial about living in Minnesota, I have begun to give in to the fact that I am here - if not for good, at least until David is ready to climb that next step on his career ladder.  It is time then, to try to dig our heels in and call this place "home".  Both David and I *hate* our house rental.....but what do you expect when we rent a house sight unseen over the internet (due to my pregnancy). David and I are craving a sense of stability so I can only imagine to what degree things are affecting Madeline.

Today, David and I put in an offer on a house.  I am sharing a picture of the house, knowing full well that I may be premature in doing so.  I also, however, know that I have many friends who are our cheerleaders back in Buffalo - not to mention the friends and family in other parts of the country.  Our "cheerleaders" have been very supportive and are very curious as to how we are doing in our new city.  Yes, this may very well be premature, but for my friends/family, who have ridden this wild ride with us thus far, I know that you would be disappointed if I *didn't* share.

So, above is a picture of the house we placed an offer on, however, we may not know if this offer will be accepted or not for several days.  Days?????  Yes, days because the house is a foreclosure house and we will be negotiating the deal with the bank that currently owns the house.  To make the deal trickier, we are aware that the house and some other items inside the house need to be repaired.  This too will effect the negotiations.  Certainly we are hoping that the final price will reflect the repairs that need to be made. 

Yes, work needs to be done inside however we love the house, the floor plan, the space it offers, as well as the back yard.  Yet, David and I cannot get sucked in.  We have to think with our heads/not hearts in the negotiation process.  Although I could easily get excited about the house, I am keeping my cool.  A lot still needs to be negotiated and I realize that this will all happen only if it is meant to be (and YES, I do believe in fate).

It is hard not to be excited.  If negotiations go the way I hope, our family will soon be on our way to stability.  And....if things do not go the way I hope, I will still have gained from the experience - the opening of my mind to make Minnesota my new home and a giant step in accepting my new life.  I do believe, "whatever will be will be".......but until I know what "will be", I dream.

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