Monday, February 27, 2012

どうもありがとう (Domo arigato)

My kimono (I know it is not tied properly)
Domo arigato is a Japanese phrase meaning "Thank you very much". Of course each time I hear this phrase, I feel the need to add "Mr. Roboto" after it and sing a Styx song.  However, in this situation, its true meaning of gratitude is intended. 

Madeline checking out some of the loot
Saturday (2/25), David returned from a week long business trip to Japan (Tokyo, Ibaraki City, & Osaka).  After the two of us navigated communication with a 15 hour time difference and David traveled approximately 19 hours to get back, all of us in this household can easily say that we are happy that David is back.  Of course an added bonus of David's travel is the suitcase of goodies that he brings home with him.  No matter where he goes, David always remembers us in his travels.  Often times, a larger trip such as Japan, China, Germany, etc brings extra special goodies.

Madeline couldn't wait to start coloring in her new Hello Kitty coloring book
David's "Certificate of Friendly Citizen" from Ibaraki City
David really does not have to go all out. I would be very happy with just a small "I was thinking of you" token gift.  In fact, I always tell him to not go crazy bringing stuff home and typically scold him for too much stuff when he returns.  Regardless, it is still fun to have a suitcase of goodies and, quite honestly, I think David enjoys giving us the goodies as much as we enjoy receiving them. 

Loose tea, Tokyo bananas(?), green tea Kit Kats (?!) & coffee in a can (common way to get your coffee, out of a vending machine, in Japan)
From Japan, Mama-Dirtyfoot was given a kimono.  Better than the kimono was the story of David trying to work with the Japanese ladies to figure out what he needed to purchase for this ensemble.  I won't name or list all the goodies we received but there were many.  Some of the highlights were (aside from the kimono) origami paper kits, unique stationary (I *love* unique stationary), gift cloths (the Japanese use them to wrap gifts in) chopstick training kit for Madeline, sweet treats, wine, sake, Japanese baseball team wear for Madeline, Japanese baseball blanket for Jonathan, wooden puzzle for Jonathan, sandal socks (all the rage in Japan) for me & Madeline, Hello Kitty stuff for Madeline.  Yes, you can say that we are very spoiled.  But, without a doubt, the absolute best gift we got from Japan was David coming home, and the entire family being together again! 

Bringing home some booze (two of those are gifts for others)
The BEST part of the evening, David was able to read Madeline her bedtime story

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