Saturday, February 25, 2012

Movie Night

Fire started, waiting for the feature presentation (The Smurfs) to start.
When David travels, in particular when his travel spans a long period of time or spans over the course of a weekend, it can be difficult to be the jack-of-all trades "single mom".  It gets to a point where everything is a bit more difficult. Why??...maybe because I get tired and lose a little steam from holding down the fort.  Weekends are the most difficult and I claim victory on these days if everyone survives in one piece.

Shrimp Po Boy & fries.
Last night was our last evening before David comes home. He has been in Japan since last Saturday.  In addition to attempting a low key late evening (in hopes that Madeline would sleep a little longer on Saturday), I just wanted to do something a little different than our normal evening.

Mesmerized by the movie, I had to keep reminding Madeline to eat while she was watching.
We decided to have a movie night. We changed into our PJ's early (BONUS!!) and ate dinner in front of the TV (which we NEVER do).  I made fish stick po boys (not exactly a household 1st choice but it was a Friday during Lent, meat.) and french fries.  We had a fire in the fireplace and watched the movie "The Smurfs".  Madeline is very sensitive with scary parts on TV.  Although I didn't think the movie was particularly scary, I ended up with her sitting on my lap for half of the movie.

My two kids snuggled with me as the movie played
We had a great night together and I almost considered a "slumber party" (allowing her to sleep in my bed for the last night that David was away) but then thought better of it.....I didn't want to be kicked by a sleeping 6-year old all night.

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