Friday, October 12, 2012

A "Baby J" Kind Of Day

Blue's Skidoo Ride
On the Blue's Skidoo ride
When I found out I was pregnant, the first I did was pray for a healthy baby.  I prayed for that often.  Many times, tagged on the end of the prayer was a "Oh, by the way, God, if I could possibly add *one* more request, please, let this kid have David's temperament".  My dear Madeline is often times very close to my own personality and often gives me a run for my money.  I am thankful everyday that my prayers were answered.  Jonathan was born a healthy little guy AND he is usually just like his papa, a laid-back, easy going, kid.

Vroom Vroom!
I realize I am spoiled very much by this (on both accounts - David & Jonathan) and I try to show my appreciation as often as possible.  Because Jonathan is still in the "little dude" status, he is often dragged around town running errands with me, shopping 'til his mama drops or hanging out in his stroller as Madeline does more big kid things such as bounce houses and roller coasters.  Most recently, I had Jonathan cruising the Mall of America for a few consecutive days.  This, in itself is not the issue but every time we got off the elevator from where we parked, Jonathan would spy the mall's Sea Life Aquarium. Since we now have an annual pass to the aquarium it is often part of our mall routine to do a quick run through of the aquarium to say hello to the fishies.  Our last few visits to the mall did not involve the aquarium trip, however I did notice Jonathan reaching for the sign and pointing to the aquarium's elevator that takes one to the aquarium entrance.  I had decided it was Jonathan's time to have a "Baby J" kind of day.

Hello fishies!
Earlier in the week, we were coming off of a couple "Mama's Night Out"s  and David had also left to travel to Orlando for work.  The stage and its mood was set for a perfect, quiet Mother-Son morning.  After getting Madeline on the school bus, Jonathan and I headed over to the Mall of America.  Okay....I'll admit, I did do a little bit of shopping for a MUCH needed pair of shoes for my aching feet, but once that was accomplished, it was Jonathan fun time.  We headed to the Mall's Nickelodeon Universe.  Like I said, Jonathan normally sits back while Madeline rides rides.  This time I decided that Jonathan was big enough to partake (I might have shot myself in the foot with this as next time I go to the mall, Jonathan will remember the fun and I'll have TWO kids to purchase ride tickets for).  Together we rode a Blue's Clues ride, the merry-go-round and a car ride (which gave a surprisingly quick spin around the corners of the "track"). 

Lunch time!
It really is amazing how many tourists are in the mall.  Yes, I guess I can still almost (but not technically) count myself as one of them.  Those same tourists must think "why bother" when I am whizzing through the initial and ending sections of the aquarium.  Going as often as we do, we head straight for the tunnels.  This day was no different and Jonathan and I spent a good half hour watching the sharks, turtles, sting rays, etc. zoom alongside us and above us.  I love watching Jonathan watching the fish and seeing all the underwater activity.

My happy "Baby J"
After the few morning adventures, Jonathan and I headed home just in time to enjoy lunch together before being shuffled off to bed for his afternoon nap.  Because of the demands of Jonathan, I try to spend regular Mama/Madeline time together yet, until this particular morning I didn't realize that although I spend a lot of "alone time" with Jonathan, it is often in the midst of errands, household chores, etc.  This truly undivided attention was so enjoyable.  Memo: Dust bunnies are welcomed to grow in my house, my babies (both of them) are growing too quickly.  It is time to stock pile these tender moments.  They will be my company in my eventual empty nest.  (Although David says, "So will your dust bunnies, Mama")

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