Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baseball, Baseball And More Baseball

The Three Stooges
Our view on Monday night - Jeter at bat
Much of the remainder of Jon's visit involved baseball.  Sure, Jon came to Minnesota, from New Orleans, to visit us....or was it that he came here to see the Yankees??? Hmmmm.....the jury is still out on that one.  The Yankees and Twins played their series here at Target Field with a game on Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon.

We don't get out much!
Me trying desperately to get a picture of Jon, Jon trying desperately to avoid it
On Monday, Jon and I went into St. Paul for lunch. After lunch, David had finished up with a work meeting and so Jon and I (with Jonathan in tow) were able to stop in to visit David at his office.  After a low key kind of day, David and I arranged to have a babysitter for the evening so that David, Jon and I could have a kid free night out at the ball game.  It was nice to get out and enjoy a nice fall evening however since it was a school night I didn't want to keep our sitter out late and so, unlike our younger years, we headed straight home after the game.

Who is having more fun with the toys??
A day game....Shhhhh! Don't tell Madeline! (She was at school!)
On Tuesday, Jon, Jonathan and I hung out again while David was at work and Madeline was at school.  While Jon was in town, Jon's mom wanted us to go shopping for a gift for Madeline's upcoming birthday.  If you know Jon, you know that he is the stereotypical man that hates shopping.....although, I think he was having a little too much fun handing Jonathan noisy toys and watching Jonathan be boisterous.  Jon was also a tag along when I took Jonathan for his haircut.  Thanks, Jon.....for nothing that is.  As me AND two hairdressers had to hold down a crazed, crying Jonathan, I look up and see Jon sitting there and laughing.  Thanks a lot!  In the evening, I could not get a babysitter and so the guys had a male bonding night at the ballpark, going stag to see the Twins/Yankees.

Jonathan with Uncle Jon
Wednesday's baseball game was an afternoon game. Jonathan was lucky to be our tag along for the game.  Unfortunately, Madeline was in school and so she couldn't come with us (Ssssshhhhh!  Don't tell!)

With David's travels, David and Jon get to see each other a bit more than I do.  Last time Jon visited was when we still lived in NY.  It was Labor Day weekend, Jonathan's baptism and we were only weeks from moving to Minnesota.  So much time has passed....and this visit went just wayyyyyy too quickly!!  And so, my mission is to hound Jon come back soon - eh hem....Thanksgiving???

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