Saturday, February 13, 2010

In The Dog House?

We don't watch a lot of television in our house and we certainly limit what we expose Madeline to. Madeline's show repertoire is a small sampling of PBS shows that, as a teacher, I must says are very educational.

Tonight, before bedtime we watched a DVRed episode of "World World". All the characters and structures in its setting are created from the letters that form its word. At bedtime, Madeline always gets a bedtime story and tonight's story included D-O-G dog from Word World as well as Martha from another one of Madeline's shows, "Martha Speaks". (Martha, the dog, is able to speak because she eats alphabet soup).

Tonight's story was as follows:

Once upon a time there was a girl named Madeline. Madeline was playing with D-O-G dog from Word World. "Dog" and Madeline were having so much fun playing and jumping in the back yard. They were giggling and laughing and having a blast. All of a sudden they heard someone say, "Hello, can I play too?" "Dog" and Madeline stopped to look and see who was talking to them. They looked and all they saw was another dog standing near the fence. "Dog" and Madeline started playing and laughing again and before long they heard, "HELLOOoooooo, can I play with you"? They stopped and looked again but once again, they only saw a dog standing near the fence. This went on several times until finally "Dog" and Madeline realized that it was the dog near the fence that was talking to them! As they approached the other dog they realized that it was Martha (from Martha speaks) that wanted to play with them. Madeline and "Dog" were so happy and they had a great time playing with Martha. Finally, it was lunch time and they were so lucky that Mama had Alphabet soup for lunch. So, not only was Martha a talking dog but "D-O-G, dog" also began talking. The three of them continued to play outside and had so much fun playing together until it was time to go to bed. At bedtime, Madeline asked Mama if "Dog" and Martha could sleep over. Mama said, "Yes" and the two doggies climbed into Madeline's bed, snuggled up with Madeline, and they all went nite-nite......THE END.

After giving Madeline a good night kiss, I began to walk out of Madeline's room only to be stopped by Madeline saying, "Mammmaaaaaa????". "Yes?", I responded. From the dark room, Madeline's little voice said, "I want a doggie". Oooooopppppppssssss!!! That is SSOOOOO NOT where I wanted to go with that story. So what what did I do? I responded the only way that any whimpy Mama would respond. I said, "You want a doggie? Well, you'll have to talk to Papa about that in the morning. Good night....." Uh-oh...Sorry David!


marysia said...

What kind of dog will you be getting? ;-)

Amy said...

I would be VERY surprised if we got one anytime in the near future. I love dogs but we just are on the go and travel too much.

Margaret said...

Get a smaller dog that you can take along.