Friday, February 19, 2010

Someimes It Feels Like You Are Doing Okay....

99% of the time it feels like life is passing you by and you are just too busy to even be an active participant in it. Yet, every once in awhile the end of the day comes and you feel like shouting.... "Hooray! I had a good Mama/Wifey day!!". Today was one of those days for me.

David had a 10am meeting more local to our own home. Especially since he had to work late yesterday, it made sense that David did not travel into downtown Buffalo early this morning only to turn around to travel back north for a 10am meeting. So, lucky for us, David was able to come with me to drop Madeline off at school this morning. Afterward, David and I, together, enjoyed a quick cup of coffee and a bite to eat at a local Tim Horton's. What great way to start the morning!!

While Madeline was at school I was very busy working on some personal paperwork stuff that needed to be done. In the afternoon, aside from a speech therapy session for Madeline, Madeline and I went grocery shopping and then concocted a great Lenten meal of crab cakes with spicy avocado sauce, mixed field greens, roasted asparagus, a good crunchy baguette and a nice bottle of chardonnay. After dinner was started Madeline and I headed outside to play in the snow. The weather was fairly mild today and the conditions were perfect for "packing snow" so Madeline and I built a snowman so that we could surprise Papa when he came home. We were busy all day and therefore I feel like it was a good Mama day.....I need more of those!

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