Friday, February 19, 2010

Love Letters of My Past....

Today, one of my friends sent this link to me via Facebook. Although both she and I are two old married "cougars", the school girl giggles, although hard to capture in a *tone* of an email, came over loud and clear in her message that included this link. Yep, women do swoon over stuff like this because it is oozing with romance....not to mention the tone of the singers voice is uber-sexy.

But overall, what did this video remind me of???? This video reminded me how old I am and how technology has progressed at an insane speed since I was in high school. How could this video possibly remind me of this? Well, to start, I did not have a cell phone or the ability to text message while in high school. This technology did not exist. What did I have? I had a pocket full of quarters and the luck that my high school boyfriend had the same lunch time that I did. I would spend my lunch break attached to my girl's school 's pay phone while my boyfriend spent his lunch break attached to the pay phone in the foyer of his school. Since my boyfriend was a few years older than I was he headed off to college first. How did we cope? We coped through occasional phone calls and hand written letters. There were no cell phones (and long distance was EXPENSIVE), there were no emails and no texting. I saw this youtube video and thought the only professions of love that used to exist were private love letters between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Oh gosh, times are different now. Yet, at the risk of sounding old (like when my mother used to say, "What ever happened to Perry Como??") I think due to the level of technology, or lack thereof, we had made young love relationships more special - more special because the young couples had to really work at staying together. I do love our current technology but I am grateful of where I came from. I am young enough to embrace the technology of today yet old enough to realize that there are just better, more intimate ways, of being a part of someone's life. Sigh.....maybe it's time to sign off of the computer and make a phone call or write a letter. I challenge you to do the same.

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