Friday, August 6, 2010

Be Afraid.....Be Very Afraid!

Holy cow! My dear, sweet, angelic Madeline can pull off a scary look if she wants to! Granted, these photos are really more innocent than they look. Madeline has noticed she has colors (natural highlights) in her hair but she also knows that Mama has been known to get her hair colored. Today, Madeline wanted more "colors" in her hair and, thus, the red wig. Of course, Madeline, had to sport a hat with her "new 'do" and the clip-in braid was just an added touch to her new 'do. The bling-y t-shirt was simply because I need to do some laundry. And the tattoos on her arm, bad ass as they look, they were actually given out at vacation bible school (long story...not really a "Catholic thing to do" but Madeline LOVED it and Mama loved a week's worth of mornings to herself.)

So, I am not sure if, in these photos, Madeline looks more like a skater-girl or a biker babe who is ready to kick butt. Yet in actuality, Madeline is still my sweet little girl with an awesome imagination. Hmmmmm......with the ability to successfully pull of looking like a "bad ass", let's hope that Madeline paid attention during vacation bible school!


Rebekah said...

Definitely a "total bad ass"! You go Madeline! Hmmmm, since kids are immitators...just wondering where she...oh never mind. ;)

Amy said...

Oooooohhhhhh.......too funny Rebekah!