Thursday, August 5, 2010

Belated 40th Birthday Pampering

Tracy is my oldest friend. Wait.....let me re-phrase that! She is not the oldest in AGE, but rather I have been friends with Tracy longer than anyone else. It is pretty safe to say that Tracy and I have known each other our entire lives. Heck, we probably sent dolphin-like sounding signals to each other while we were in utero.

Tracy lived about 2 blocks away from me when we were growing up. Not only that, but her house was directly in-between my grandmother's house and my aunt's house. We were actually baptized together at the same baptismal ceremony. We started kindergarten together and attended the same grammar school together. We had crushes on the same boys (although Tracy always got the guy), we played over each other's houses and ate dinner at each other's houses. Birthday parties, field trips, scraped knees, dance class/recitals. Much of our childhood was spent together.

But happens. Tracy moved out of my neighborhood (in 6th??? grade). As a kid, that was heartbreaking. Often times, that is the tale of childhood friendships and the beginning of stories that often end with, "I wonder what ever happened to....(insert name)". Tracy finished grade school on the other side of the city. She attended a different high school. Yet, although our families were always very friendly with each other, the bond between us was not because of our parents' relationship. Somehow, through all these years (many of them while we were still kids), we managed to keep in touch. Yes, life happens.....Tracy & I would sometimes, throughout this period of time, have greater stretches of time in between our visits, but yet we always eventually reconnected.

Tracy was born on June 17th and I was born on June 23rd (and I love to remind Tracy that she is older!) Lately, Tracy and I have started a yearly tradition on getting a pedicure around the time of our birthdays to celebrate our special days with a little pampering. Certainly, we had to pamper ourselves for our 40th!! This past Saturday, since it was our BIG 4-0, we upgraded to the next level of pedicure service AND enjoyed lunch together afterward. (My ugly corn-kerneled toes and gnarly feet need all the help they can get) Yep, we "old ladies" enjoyed ourselves as we laughed at our dwindling eye sight and aches & pains. But, we worked hard to maintain our friendship for all these years and for that, we deserve to reward ourselves!


Marysia said...

When was that picture of mom's feet taken and why did you include it in your post?

Amy said...

OMG! I knew one of my siblings would saying something like that!! My feet even look swollen in the picture! They weren't swollen, it's just the angle that they were propped on the foot rest along with the angle at which I took the picture. Regardless, I TOTALLY have mom's feet!.....BLAH!

Marysia said...

Mike wanted to know if the foot picture was actually a reflection from a fun house mirror....they look much slimmer!

Amy said...

Tell Mike that my wedge feet and corn toes will need to kick his butt.....haha!