Saturday, August 7, 2010

Big Shoes To Fill

Mama-Dirtyfoot's feet

My sister's, Marysia's, foot

Gosh, I wish I had a picture of my mom's feet to share with you! Big shoes to fill?? Well, yes. My mom was an amazing person so, figuratively, my mom left some "big shoes to fill" when she died. But, I guess you could say my mom literally had big shoes to fill too.

My mom didn't have particularly large feet. I believe she wore either a size 8 or 8 & 1/2 shoe. Yet, for as long as I can remember (I was probably Madeline's age & my mom would talk about this!) my mom would complain about her feet swelling. When we traveled, her feet would swell. In the heat, her feet would swell. Consuming too much sodium, her feet would swell. During our high school years, when we sisters were at the age to attend dances, we would always ask mom to wear our brand new dress shoes around the house for a couple of days to stretch the shoes out so they wouldn't bother our feet on the night of our dance.

Aside from the occasional but recurring swelling issues, my mom's feet were the strangest looking feet! They were just chub-sausage feet with little nub toes. My mom called them "good dancing feet", I guess that explains why I love to dance. My niece, Christina, who is also cursed with these feet calls them "Polish feet". In addition to the peculiar shape, my mom's feet were always so scaly.....blah! I used to tease my mom about my feet but in my early 30's, I noticed that my feet would easily scale up and regular pedicures began to be a necessity. At the same time, I became more aware of the similarity of my own feet with my mom's and my mom then had the last laugh.

My sister Marysia's feet also resemble my mom's feet yet, I think at the time I was visiting her on my 40th birthday, it was decided that my feet are most like my mom's. It didn't help though that while visiting , my feet were swollen from the heat! My blog post from a couple days ago, Belated 40th Birthday Pampering, and the post's picture of my toes encouraged some gentle teasing both in the comment section of that post and on the phone. Was that the end of it? No! Today, I get a picture text of Marysia's toes. A few minutes later, I get the picture text below: (Luckily, I take after my mom's ability to laugh at her sausage feet!)

Marysia's dog's, Jesse's, paw

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