Saturday, November 20, 2010

Catch-Up Report...

Birthday morning!  5 YEARS OLD!

Growing up so quickly!

Making pizza for a birthday dinner

Opening birthday presents

Measuring Madeline's height

Madeline's growth over the past 6 months & year

A Hello Kitty nightgown from Aunt Margaret

How is it possible that a stay-at-home mom to only one child is so busy that there never seems to be enough hours in the day?  Hmmm.....good question.  It's not like I am sitting around, watching soap operas and eating bon bons. Yet, I could literally work myself around the clock.  (A) How does that happen and (B) how did my mom function with six kids??

Since I am not as on top of the blog postings as I used to be, I am sure I have missed out on sharing numerous photos and stories.  I will try to catch you up on the major ones.  Since it has been over two weeks since I last posted, I guess my synopsis of events will have to remain short.

On the 4th of November we celebrated Madeline's 5th birthday.  On Madeline's actual birthday, we had a fairly quiet day at home.  Madeline requested that we make pizzas for dinner and we had an ice cream cake for dessert.  After dinner, Madeline couldn't wait to open her gifts and she certainly tore into them! One of the items Mama and Papa got Madeline was a pair of ice skates (knowing that we were going to start her in skating lessons only 5 days after her birthday.)

Our nighttime routine enjoyed after a long day.
On the 5th, however, in lieu of a party David, Madeline and I headed out to Sandusky, Ohio to stay overnight at the Great Wolf Lodge.  With Madeline being the "lil' fishie" that she is, this was a perfect locale for her birthday celebration.  (A special thanks to my Aunt Sue & Uncle Ron for doggy-sitting Sobaka so that we could go on this get-away).

Madeline overlooking all the water play at Great Wolf Lodge
Hmmmm...what else have we been up to?  I have been soooo busy launching my endeavor as a Tastefully Simple consultant.  My 1st week, I did 4 parties and+ my 1st party was successful enough to recoup my start-up costs! (Thanks, Kelly!)  Things are going well with that.  Although I have a steady stream of new bookings, I have slowed down my pace (my choice).  I am thinking if I average 1-2 parties a week we, as a family, will be able to nicely balance my absence in the evenings while still bringing in some extra $$.

Wearing wolf ears on our way home from Great Wolf
Madeline's 1st ice skating lesson (pic taken through glass)
In addition to my new business adventure, Madeline continues to keep us busy.  She is growing so quickly!  Madeline continues her swim lessons, which she LOVES.  She is able to swim the LENGTH of the pool!  Madeline also LOVES her ice skating lessons which she began on the 9th.  I don't think Madeline can decide if she wants to skate more because she enjoys hockey or because she likes "sparkly dancing on ice" (figure skating).  Madeline is still enjoying the 3 mornings per week that she attends Pre-K.  David, however, is having a tough time with this.  Why???? Well, apparently Madeline has her first crush.  She told me that she wanted to marry Talon.  Previously Madeline would tell me that she wanted to marry Papa.  What I really wanted to say to Madeline is, "What kind of parents name their kid Talon????"  Friday, I picked Madeline up from school and she told me, "Joey was holding my hand".  WHAT???  This is Pre-K!!  I need to brace myself now for high school!
Since I haven't had regular postings on the blog, I know that I have left out a bunch of pictures.  I decided to add a few of them here (even if they occurred prior to my last blog post).  Hopefully, things will settle down here a little bit and I can keep you posted on the upcoming holidays and a child's prime "Santa years".  (Side note: I LOVE the fact that I can use the "Santa's watching" line on Madeline.  I have Madeline convinced that a little green light on my car's rear view mirror means that the "Santa-cam" is on. you think this will work when she is a teenager???)

A Fall walk along the lower Niagara River
Hard to see but Madeline & Grandpa holding hands on a walk
Madeline pulled her little table right next to Grandpa on our last visit
Having fun on a playground in Michigan City, IN

Enjoying Octoberfest on a recent date night

Madeline preparing designs for pumpkin carving

Madeline & Sobaka: Queens of the Playground!

Dress-up! YES, that is my 1988 Sr Prom dress! NO, I did NOT wear that fuzzy tiara!

Even Sobaka played dress-up

A Saturday afternoon walk with Papa

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