Monday, November 22, 2010

Skating At Mama's School

Due to an accident, (not ours) traffic was backed up on the day that Madeline normally takes ice skating lessons and, as a result, we missed Madeline's normal ice skating lesson last week.  Today, we were able to do a make-up session for last week's missed lesson.  Today's lesson (because it was a make-up) was at an ice rink at a location different than Madeline's normal rink.  Today's lesson was at Dwyer Arena, the ice rink at Niagara University.  I went to NU for my teaching certification/Master's in elementary education.  During my time at Niagara, I was never inside Dwyer Arena but that is where we were today.  Niagara's campus is small but very pretty.  I don't think I've been on campus since graduation.  Even though it wasn't *that* long ago (I went back to school for teaching later in life & graduated in '03) it seems like a lifetime ago. So, it was kind of neat to go back.  I must say, I have never been a huge fan of being a *student*, yet I really enjoyed my time at Niagara.  I feel more of a connection to Niagara than where I earned my Bachelor's degree (Buffalo State College).  I believe Niagara University gave me a great education and prepared me well for my own classroom.  Maybe one day, one of my nieces or nephews will choose Niagara....OR, maybe Madeline will attend in the future.  Until that day comes, I can simply say that I enjoyed my brief moment back on campus.

As far as the skating lesson goes.....for only her 2nd time on ice skates, I think Madeline did a great job.  Yes, Madeline spent a lot of time on her butt, however, she also spent a lot of time standing and skating on her own AND without the help of an ice skating walker.  Amazing progress in only two lessons!  Great job, Madeline!

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