Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What A Day!

Leo the Lion's "mug shot" - BUSTED!
Alright, I will admit....life has been a little bit crazy busy later.  As a result, my house hasn't exactly been the cleanest.  Today, I decided that I needed to get scrubbin' and try to get my house back into shape before Thursday so that I could relax on Thanksgiving (when I am not concentrating on cooking, that is!)  Madeline was cooperating nicely with my plan as she kept herself busy playing as I was putting some laundry away and dusting the guest room.  Madeline asked me if she could wash Strawberry Shortcake's hair with some shampoo.  "What the heck", I thought.  Madeline is playing so nicely AND she even asked first!  Besides, this was helping me out a bit because since Madeline was keeping herself busy, I was able to be productive.  I even plugged the sink for Madeline so that Strawberry Shortcake could take a "bath" in the sink too.

So, I was pleased that I had a few minutes more to work.  I grabbed some dirty laundry, ran in the basement and switched loads.  Came back upstairs, dusted, straightened and put some things away.  All the while, Madeline played nicely.  Until....."Mmmmoooooommmm, something is wrong with the sink!"  I arrive, with Madeline wearing a hooded lion towel from her toddler days, the sink overflowed onto the entire vanity top.  Now, why Madeline didn't shut off the water BEFORE the sink overflowed is beyond me.  But, even better, Madeline tried to clean up the water on the floor by taking out some guest towels from underneath the sink.  Good thinking on her part, however Madeline proceeded to leave the doors to under the sink open so that when the water over flowed it drenched ALL of these bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths.  So NOW, I have all of these towels to wash now too.

The sink only half-way through clean-up.
To make mattes even worse, I was having a hard time unplugging the sink.  I was trying to flick up the stopper by reaching my hand into the sink, but each time I would reach my hand into the sink, the water level would rise and Niagara Falls would once again begin to flow onto the bathroom floor.  Hmmmm....what to do? Ah! I got a cup and was going to scoop some water out of the sink and into the toilet until I could reach into the sink and unplug the plug.  I began to transfer the water into the toilet.  Wait....isn't the toilet supposed to automatically flush when you pour a whole bunch in at the same time?  Hmmmm....that's odd. Okay, maybe I wasn't pouring enough in so I shrugged and flushed the toilet. WHOAAAAA!!!! It is plugged!  When did this happen?!?!?!? Luckily *that* didn't overflow too (although I was quite nervous because it came close).

 And so my "productive" day was productive only in creating more of a mess to clean up. Grrrrr.... Well, I guess Madeline isn't as independent in her play as I hoped she could be.  Oh well, live and learn.  I guess I will be cooking AND cleaning on Thanksgiving.

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Marysia said...

I hope Strawberry Shortcake isn't clogging the toilet!!