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Buffalo Gals (Catch Up Post - Weekend of May 5th)

Outlet mall shopping with Tammy
I vowed to catch up on my here I am, documenting events from 4 months ago.  It seems silly now but when I look back at my blog a few years from now (yes, I really do look back), I will be grateful that I took the time to catch up.  The only issue in doing this, however, is that my memories and details of all the events aren't as clear as if I had blogged the way I should - in a timely manner.  But at the time, Jonathan could still be considered an infant and we just moved into our house two months beforehand so.....I think I could be excused.

Mmmmm!! Royal sub!  How can they not know how to make a sub in MN?
A view of Lake Erie from my room
Jen, Tammy, Kym & Eileen...walking to the restaurant
Mary, Tammy, Christina, Kelly, Andrea, me, Jen, Eileen & Kym at Toro's
Kym, Eileen, me, Jen and Tammy at the scene of the crime
As my blog followers know, moving from Buffalo to Minnesota was probably the hardest thing I ever did.  The opportunity for David and our family was a no-brainer and we just had to go.  I spent much time crying over this, much like mourning the loss of a loved one.  And although these little meltdowns occurred on more than one occasion I specifically remember sitting in the hot tub shortly before our move, crying and asking David (poor David) to promise me that we/I would come back to visit as often as possible.  True to his word, David surprised me with a Mama getaway.  You must understand that although David has NO problem caring for the kids when I have to go somewhere, leaving him alone for an entire long weekend while Jonathan was only 9 months old was a huge deal.  David had no idea what to do for long periods of time with Jonathan nor did he have any idea Jonathan's feeding schedules, etc.  But...David did it so that I could be with my friends.  I tried to help as best I could to plan easy meals and prepare everything that I could in advance.  I wrote out schedules as a guide and created a "Papa Survival Guide" folder with a meal menu, schedule info, multi-tasking tricks that I usually have up my sleeve, our membership cards for the zoo, children's museum and point passes for the rides at the Mall of America.  Despite David being a little anxious about the weekend, he DID IT...and did an AWESOME job!!

Mary, me, Kym & Jen....aka lingere models??
Getting crabs in Buffalo might be hard to explain
Again, for those of you that know me well, you know that I am a social person.  Currently I am starting to meet more people here but in May, I really didn't know anyone.  Going cold turkey without friends was quite difficult and David recognized that I could use a little fix.  Of course going to Buffalo also involves satisfying other cravings as well....trips to Wegmans to shop for Buffalo items and indulging in Buffalo food cravings, yet the majority of my trip revolved around my girl friends.

Tammy, Kym, me, Jen, Eileen, & Mary back at the hotel
Tammy & Amy getting silly
Boob shot.....and believe it or not, we were sober
My neighbors had to love us!
Totally posed silly we didn't sleep like this!
Saturday morning, after an obligatory trip to Tim Horton's, my friend Tammy and I started out the day with a trip to the Niagara Falls Outlet Mall.  Not a bad way to start the day!!!  Later in the afternoon a few of the girls met at my hotel room while a few more joined us at the restaurant for a girls night out. (Super thanks to my friend, Mary, for being the ultra paparazzi for the evening and capturing the events.) We enjoyed a nice dinner out at Toro Tapas Bar.  I specifically LOVE how I can have a group of girlfriends whom I have met in different phases of my life and I know through different circles that can get together, not necessarily knowing each other, yet have a great evening together.   Although my hotel was in the entertainment district of Buffalo, the girls decided that instead of heading out to the bars after dinner we would go to Target for some snacks and then head back to my hotel room for girl talk and a good old fashioned slumber party.  Yes, that was our plan and that is what we did.....of course, we did end up shaking things up at Target a bit while we were there.  After Target we headed back to the hotel for an evening of silliness and girl talk.  By 2pm, the girls that were going home, left the hotel and that left Tammy, Kym and Eileen for the overnight.  In the morning, Tammy had to head home but Kym, Eileen and I headed out for breakfast at Spot Coffee and then we were back to the hotel for a trip to the hot tub.  Later that day, I also had the opportunity to see a good ole chick flick (The Lucky One).

Yep, I am wearing the same morning, breakfast with Kym & Eileen at Spot Coffee
Me, Kym & Eileen enjoying the hot tub
The getaway was Mama medicine.  The familiarity of Buffalo was enough to comfort the soul, yet the time spent with great friends healed me.  They say that laughter is the best medicine.....well, I was in need of a dose of "medicine" and I left Buffalo a completely rejuvenated mama.  As much as I loved the getaway and spending time with my friends, I loved coming home to my kids and my guy.  Thank you David for giving me the much needed respite and recognizing the social being that I am.

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