Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Best-laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry

Oh how much I wanted to keep up on my blog.  Oh, how I truly intend to intend to upkeep it!  A long-time friend of mine and former co-worker, Debbie K., once told me that "having two children is much more than double the work".  At that time I was childless and wondered how that is even possible.  Well, I now understand!!!  Yet, I have occasionally referred back to my own blog to "time stamp" an event in my life.  When I have I have enjoyed viewing pictures of Madeline growing up.  Yes, Madeline has been "blog material" much longer than Jonathan......yet, even looking at the few pictures of Jonathan on the blog I wonder, "Where did *THAT* kid go"??  Of course I ask that because his dated photos are so old that he does not even look like the same kid!  Certainly, I want to continue this diary of Madeline's journey, but also want to document Jonathan as well.  Do *YOU* care??  Maybe, maybe not....  Yet, I have this out there for not only for my out of town friends and family (and there are so many more now that we are in Minnesota), but also as a personal diary of time.

How does one catch up four + months in blogging???  Well......with two young ones, that is my challenge!  Yes, I am going in two different directions with two children that are 6 years apart. Yes, I am still trying to get settled since our move (Yes, it has been almost a year....and it *still* looks as though the moving truck just drove away), BUT I really need to do this.  Not for you (my goodness, not really sure if anyone reads this).....but for ME!  And so, my plan is to blog twice a week (a current entry and a "catch up entry" until I am all caught up.  Once I am caught up, I will try to make a current entry once per week.  Yes, we all know that "the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry", yet I wil certainly give it my best.

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