Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jonathan's First Haircut

In the chair...getting ready for his first cut.
Although I had once trimmed Jonathan's hair to keep it from going in his eyes (and made him look as though I put a bowl on his head in the meantime), today was Jonathan's first official, professional haircut.  I have been putting this off for quite a while because I knew that a good haircut would make Jonathan look more like a little boy, rather than my little baby.  Today I had to face the fact that my little guy is getting big (and his hair was getting long) and so I finally decided to take Jonathan for a much needed haircut.

Cape on, big-eyed and ready to go
Here we go!!!
The pictures and the video do not actually capture the moment.  I believe that the pictures/video capture a little boy, who is being brave about a situation of which he is unsure. The pictures/video capture a little boy slightly out of his comfort zone who decided he needs to let out a little cry.  What the pictures/video DO NOT show is that this little boy decided he had had quite enough of this adventure and he longer wanted any part of it.  Why did the pictures stop???  Well....I could no longer hold the camera.  It took me and two hairdressers to hold Jonathan down so that they could finish his cut.  Not exactly a very fun afternoon for Baby J.  However, Jonathan got through it, with Mama by his side (hopefully he'll forget that I was one of the women holding him down) and now my little guy is looking like a handsome little boy.  Jonathan, stop growing up so quickly!!

Here come the tears....but Mama is holding his hand

Yeah! He did it!

My handsome little dude :-)

Here is a video.....before all hell broke loose and three people needed to hold down Jonathan.

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