Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Amazingly Fun Day

Madeline started of her day at school. Since shes doesn't attend school on Wednesdays she was able to bring in birthday treats today. Mama-Dirtyfoot got busy in the kitchen and made a batch of pink frosted cupcakes with flower candies on top. Madeline was thrilled about having a special day at school and she certainly thought the birthday crown she got from her teacher was nifty.

David took a half day off of work today. When Madeline came home from school we headed to the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. In lieu of a party, the three of us headed to Great Wolf (has a huge indoor water park) for some quality family time. We are having so much fun here!! All three of us have played so hard today. I am sitting here listening to Madeline and David snore and I am sure that I won't be far behind. At first Madeline was a little timid and slowly was coaxed to the kiddie water slides. Before long, she rode tandem, with either me or David, on the big water slides. Below are more photos....

Part of the "Wildlife" displays in the lobby. The wolves all howl back if you howl.

Mama and Madeline howling

Mama and Madeline at dinner

Starting ROUND TWO of the water park (entrance to lazy river)!! We were in the water park for a couple hours before dinner as well as good hour or so after dinner too.

A huge fort-like tower that has splashy things throughout the entire structure

Water umbrella at the tip of the wave pool....as you can see, the waves aren't on in this picture. The waves run about every 15 minutes.


Kelly said...

Great pictures Amy!! Looks like you are enjoying the time away. Happy Birthday Madeline!! I can't believe you are 4 already.

Whimsical Creations said...

Happy Birthday Madeline!!

Sounds like a fabulous way to spend her birthday!

Marysia said...

Happy Birthday, Madeline! We can't wait to see you in December. Have fun!

Marysia said...

I think you should use that howling picture for your facebook page. ;-)