Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girls Get-Away Slumber Party

Tuesday afternoon, my friend Tammy, her daughters Jenna and Tanya, Madeline and I headed out for a little girls getaway. Tammy is a teacher and since Wednesday was Veterans Day, Tammy did not work on Wednesday and her girls did not have school. The lot of us headed out for an overnight in Rochester (an hour east of Buffalo). I had a few Holiday Inn reward points and although I did not have enough points for a room, I had enough points to get our room for $30. Split 2 ways, $15 for us to get away with the girls was a great deal!

We headed out at dinner time. Yes, that was the plan for two reasons. (1) Tammy did work on Tuesdas and the girls did have school. (2) We figured if we grabbed some McDonald's before we got on the road, the 3 girls would be quiet eating for at least 20 minutes of the 1 hour ride. Of course, as soon as we arrived, we all headed down to the pool for water fun. The girls (adult and kids) all got a good workout! Afterward we hung out in the room, watched the movie, Hotel For Dogs, and snacked on enough munchies to feed an army! I probably gained 20 pounds just from this slumber party!! Tammy and I bunked in one of the room's queen beds and the three girls finally conked out in the other queen bed (see photo). Once the girls were asleep Tammy and I chatted away until 2am.

The next morning, we headed out to Rochester's Strong National Museum of Play (Children's Museum). Despite being up with the big girls until 11:30 (wayyyyyyyyy past her bedtime!), Madeline woke up at 9am and then played and played and played at the museum....a BIG day! (Video below is of mini kid-sized grocery store where she could shop and also be a counter worker or cashier.) After a full day at the museum (we stayed until the 5pm closing), we headed home. Certainly we all had fun, both the big girls and the young girls and we vowed to do a similar slumber party again soon.

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