Monday, November 2, 2009

Turning The Page

I can't believe that we turned the page from October to November! We wrapped up October with a successful Halloween night. David and I got a babysitter Halloween night to stay at our house to pass out the candy so that David and I could go together to take Madeline trick or treating. After we returned from the hunt for sugar, we got Madeline settled in and our sitter stayed on while David and I went out for a later dinner and a stop out at a friend's Halloween party. Madeline had a blast trick or treating although we noticed that there weren't as many kids out and about in our new neighborhood.

The other event that occurred on Halloween is that our "Dracula kitty" lost one of his fangs. Elston has always been a stinky-breath, drooly cat. A couple of weeks ago, while Shirley was visiting, I noticed that we was a bit more drooly that usual. I tried to check him out but he would have nothing to do with me touching his mouth. I just figured that he was being a bit more skittish since we had company. On Saturday, Elston was snuggling with me in bed and I decided to take the opportunity to check out his mouth. At this time, I discovered that one of his fang teeth was extremely loose. After a trip to the vet, Elston now has a new smile. My poor hillbilly cat!

Speaking of "poor cat", Madeline has also been following around Packard with a spooky-eyed headband. I guess Packard doesn't mind too much because she'll walk around a little bit while wearing the headband , purring loudly.

We've also have been prepping Madeline for her birthday. We've been telling her that after Halloween comes her birthday and she'll be 4! Sure enough, Madeline awoke the day after Halloween and thought it was her birthday.

Currently, I am waiting for cupcakes to cool so that I can decorate them. Madeline gets to bring in a birthday treat for school tomorrow. I am looking forward to tomorrow as David is taking a half day off of work and the full day off on the 4th. We have some fun family time planned for Madeline's birthday but I'll leave you in suspense..... Now I am just trying to enjoy the last little bit of time that Madeline will be our little 3 year old.


Patti said...

I hope Madeline has a wonderful birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday dear Madeline! Looks like you had a fun halloween! (Great headband for Packard - lol!) FYI, I tried Facebook and didn't like it, so I will probably go back to blogging after all.

Amy said...

Yeah Patti.....missed you in blog-land. Looking forward to reading more stories and seeing more pictures of your boys.

Whimsical Creations said...

happy birthday to me & madeline tomorrow!! YAY...wish I were 4 though...

Love the pictures!

What did you & David dress as for your party?

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Melanie! I didn't know that you and Madeline shared a birthday! It was also my mom's birthday. Enjoy your day.

(PS - David and I didn't dress up....i know, poor sports but didn't have time to think of a costume)