Friday, November 20, 2009

Vacation Needed! - Orlando Day 4

Whewwww! We are all beat around here. The activity level is getting the best of us where we will need a vacation when we get home. We obviously tuckered out Madeline yesterday because she slept until almost 11am today! This late start worked out perfectly because I was planning "down time" during the day while David worked. By the time Madeline and I actually got our butts moving, showered, dressed and out of the hotel room, Madeline's & my "breakfast" was actually lunch. I decided to have our lunch poolside....ohhhh what a treat! The weather has been so nice here.

David's conference stuff finished up in the late afternoon and the three of us had enough time to head to the Magic Kingdom for a couple of hours before they closed. We were able to catch a parade (Madeline had a ball waving at all the characters in the parade) and work our way through Adventure Land and Frontier Land as well as see the Disney Fairies. While in Frontier Land, Madeline rode her first non-kiddie roller coaster, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. During this entire roller coaster experience I had my dad on my mind as I still remember my first non-kiddie roller coaster experience when I was a little older than Madeline. However, my 1st experience wasn't in Orlando, it was on the yellow roller coaster a Crystal Beach with my dad. Anyway, Madeline loved the roller coaster and wanted to go on again. Instead of re-riding this coaster we hopped on Splash Mountain....she liked that ride just as much.

As the Magic Kingdom was about to close, we hopped on the Monorail over to Epcot for a late dinner in the UK (we were going to eat in Morocco but David really waned Sticky Toffee UK it was) Just as we finished up our dessert the Illuminations show/fireworks was about to start. The fireworks were a nice cap to another busy day and the signal for us to head toward the buses to catch the last shuttle back to our hotel.

Tonight, I think Madeline fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow and once again, that sounds like a plan for me!

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