Sunday, January 31, 2010

11 & 1/2 Years In The Making

Back when David and I were getting married we just bought our first house and decided that it was best if we were not elaborate with our honeymoon plans. We chose a road trip to Quebec City, Quebec (although we also spent a couple nights in Montreal and one in the 1,000 Islands too). We chose Quebec City because we were told it has the feel of Europe without having to "cross the pond". David and I since had the opportunity to travel to Europe and now that I am able to compare the two I would have to agree, yes, that is an accurate description of Quebec City.

Anyway, time has passed and so much of that trip is now a blur although there are a few memories that stick out in my mind. I remember driving back roads that were off the beaten path from Montreal to Quebec City. We stopped along the way at a tiny ice cream stand. The people didn't speak English so I attempted to use my high school French to place our orders. David's milkshake was somewhat warm and he teased me that the order was lost in translation because of my French.

I remember climbing into a fountain and trying to climb the statue inside the fountain after dinner one night.

I remember Le Chateau Frontenac, the beautiful hotel we stayed at while in Quebec City. We were there during Quebec's "national" holiday Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day:La Fête nationale du Québec. Our hotel room overlooked the St. Lawrence River and the boardwalk-like area that had lots of street entertainers for the holiday celebration.

Another memory that David and I refer to is a big joke because one night in Montreal we went out to dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday. We asked the maître d for a table in one of the cozier, more romantic spots in the restaurant. As he was seating us we were told we would have a "lovely table with a view of the *entire* restaurant".....yep, right smack dab in the middle of the crowded restaurant, and close to the kitchen door.

Finally, I remember David and I explored the lower area of Quebec City right near the St. Lawrence River. While down hill (quite a distance away by foot from our hotel) we were caught up in a quick down pour of a rain storm. David and I ducked into a little wine bar to wait out the rain. Just around the corner from that wine bar was a tiny art shop where David and I bought a print of Le Chateau Frontenac. . I don't recall if we purchased that print before or after we ducked in to that wine bar however our intent was to some day have the framed and have it displayed in our home as a reminder of our honeymoon.

We lived in our first home for a little over 11 years and never had the print framed. Finally, after moving into our new house in August, we acquired more room and thus more wall space. I realized that I had to suck up the cost of getting that print framed because if we didn't hang that picture in this house, it would never be used. I found a perfect space for it in our living room yet, the cost of the framing was making me drag my feet. However, one day, David's Uncle Charles sent us a monetary gift to go towards a house warming present. Immediately, I knew how I wanted to spend that money and it was put towards the framing of that print that was waiting 11 1/2 years to be displayed. We hung the print last night and I absolutely love not only how it looks in our living room but also the fact that it has such sentimental meaning to both David and me. Above is a close-up view of the framed work and to the left is a picture of David reading Madeline a bedtime story with Le Chateau Frontenac looking over David's shoulder. (Although this photo makes it look as though the print is too small for the wall, an additional framed piece is just out of view to the right) Thanks sooooo much, Uncle Charles! Your house warming gift definitely warmed our home while reliving the memories of our time in Quebec City has warmed our hearts. Thank you!

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What a sweet picture of David reading to Madeline. Love the picture!!!