Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the 33rd anniversary of Buffalo, NY's Blizzard of '77. Anyone old enough to remember that far back can recall events that led up to Buffalo's most infamous storm. Mother Nature flexed her muscles and crippled the city for days. Without a doubt, this blizzard is truly what gave Buffalo the national reputation of being located in the tundra (we actually have 4 beautiful seasons here). However, I would guess that, regardless of how harrowing their blizzard saga was, most people (I stress the word "most" because there were some tragedies that were a result of the storm) can look back at that crazy weather spectacle with somewhat fond memories.

Although there is absolutely no comparison to the weather of 33 years ago, Buffalo had some crazy weather conditions today. There were typical lake effect snow conditions. What is that, you ask?? In the afternoon, as I was driving home from the grocery store, the snow was whipping around quite heavily. 30 minutes later when I was on my way to take Madeline to swim class there was not one flake falling and the sky was a beautiful bright blue. Another 30 minutes later when I was returning home, the snow was falling at a pace where there were white out conditions. Crazy!!!.....and tonight, there is supposed to be more snow and wind gusts whipping. Hmmmm....will history repeat itself??

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