Monday, January 4, 2010

Got Botox?

From where I sit for dinner at our kitchen table, I can see my own reflection in the sliding glass door looking back at me. Lately, I see an aging woman staring back at me. My god, I *am* going to be 40 in a few months! For whatever reason, the lines that are creeping onto my complexion seemed to be so much more noticeable in today's reflection. As we sat at the dinner table tonight, I quipped to my husband, "I need Botox". David's response was some smart aleck comment about that I would end up walking around looking like I was in a state of shock. Ignoring David's comment, I continued expressing my "need" for Botox. I proceeded to model (by physically stretching my forehead skin upward) what I might look like with those fine lines diminished. Holding my stretched skin in place I glanced, in awe, at how youthful my "smooth" forehead would look. My trance was broken by the outburst of laughter from my dear husband and daughter. Obviously they didn't share the same beauty vision I was having. Instead, they saw Mama-Dirtyfoot sitting at the dinner table and making silly faces at herself. Meanwhile, Madeline proceeds to imitate my silly faces. Sigh.....I guess I'll be shopping for a new anti-aging cream.

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Margaret said...

Change's a lot cheaper!