Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait!

Crazy, crazy days here!! Haven't had much time to post but I will try to catch-up my ever-so-faithful blog followers. Wow....where to start??

Wednesday, Madeline had a routine follow-up appointment with her Ear/Nose/Throat (ENT) doctor to check on her ear tubes. I was told that she still had fluid behind her right ear (where the tube came out a couple months ago) and that the tube in the left ear was coming out (normal). Since we were planning on flying to Texas on Friday, I asked how this would effect Madeline in-flight. They recommended that she not fly with the fluid as it could rupture her eardrum. They, however, offered to squeeze us in on their schedule for the next day (Thursday) to have new tubes put in her ears. The doctor would have recommended this anyway, however, she was nice enough to squeeze us in so that Madeline would be good to fly. Thursday's ear tube surgery went well and the doctor gave us clearance to fly the next day (Friday).

On Friday, we were all ready to depart for Texas. David has business in both Dallas and Austin this week and since we have friends/family in Texas, it was decided that Madeline and I would tag along to visit while David worked. We were all set to go....bags packed and waiting for David to get home so that we could leave for the airport. As David was on his way home I got a call from the airline that our flight was cancelled and that we couldn't get another flight out until late on Saturday. Darn.... So now what? I had no dinner planned and, in fact, had no food in the fridge. Knowing that we would be gone, why would I grocery shop?? So, Mama and Papa shrugged their shoulders and decided to go out to eat.

Today, we are having a lazy day waiting to leave (again) for the airport. Madeline was able to make a dance class that she would've missed if we did fly out yesterday. Mama was able to take care of some last minute things that she didn't get a chance to do the day before and Papa, a true Indiana boy, was able to watch some of the Indy Car time trials on TV. Of course, the buzz of the race cars along with the pitter-patter of today's rain lulled David into a nap on the couch. This nap time was irresistible for Madeline who decided to use David as a buffet table.

Prior to all this chaos, we have been busy trying to get some things done around the house. David started to stain the deck to the pool although we will have some more work when we get home. We also finished preparing the pool for the season. It is no longer green.....of course, always a plus. We are just waiting for the water to warm up. We planted some flowers and pretty much kept very busy.

Well, let's try this again.....We have to leave for the airport in about 25 minutes. I will try to share some Adventures of Mama-Dirtyfoot from Texas.

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