Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

The weather here was beautiful today, a perfect day to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday. After being away from home for a week, there seems to be a week's worth of work to catch up. How is that possible if we weren't even here??

Today, I managed to go to the pool store to stock up on some supplies and order a roller for our solar cover. (What was I thinking, going to the pool store on Memorial was so busy!) I worked on catching up on laundry from the trip, rinsed out hot tub filters and tinkered with hot tub/pool chemicals, stained the wooden post and wooden shell of the mailbox, worked on spray painting some flower window boxes, watered the garden/flowers, hosed off the new layer off leaves and gunk that the willow tree dropped on our patio (David just did this yesterday too....damn willow!), David & I dug out various pool toys from storage and inflated them, David assembled a larger round table for the 3 season room that we never put together last summer (the one that was there will go out on the pool deck once the solar cover roller is installed), David rearranged the furniture in the 3 season room to accommodate the larger table, David made us lunch while I was staining the mailbox & he later grilled us some hot dogs for dinner.

I would say our day was quite productive but I still have sooooo much to do! If only I could have David on vacation & at home for a few more days!! However, we found some time for play as well. We took a break and enjoyed our pool and the inflatable dolphin that David's mom sent us last year when we moved in (we never got around to inflating it last year because we moved in so late in the summer). The picture above is of Madeline test driving the dolphin but somehow it eventually became Mama's mode of transportation in the pool. I was having a bit too much fun taking flying leaps off the pool deck while trying to land on the dolphin. (I am lucky I didn't pop that thing!) Madeline was near-by hanging on to a foam "noodle" and riding the wakes that resulted from Mama's dolphin pounces. David floated near-by on a rigged-up "noodle chair" and just laughed at me each time the dolphin tipped me over.

Finally, to top off the day, we treated ourselves to ice cream cones at a near-by ice cream shop. Mmmmmm......I LOVE their Snickerdoodle ice cream. It really was a perfect day, a perfect weekend, and a perfect end of a travel week. Now if only every week had a 3-day weekend, that would be pure perfection!

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