Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There Is A Bug In My Lemonade!

So, last I posted it looked as though our nightmarish trip to Texas finally turned around. I was able to see a little more of "Texas Grandma" (Shirley), Jon & Joe and after losing our reservation in downtown we were able to check into the Great Wolf Lodge (or as Madeline calls it, the "sparkly hotel") for the remainder of our stay in Dallas. Although it was nice that Madeline and I now had something to do while David worked, it sucked for David that he now had a morning commute. But, if you recall, after losing our reservation there were no closer hotels to downtown because of the number of people in town for the conference. Yet, Madeline and I made the most of the water park. This girl is a fish! Minimally, Madeline would give Ariel a run for her money! Madeline went full speed/full energy for hours at a time. I would literally have to drag Madeline away from the pool to force a little down time on her. Tuesday morning, Shirley came out to visit with me. I think Shirley was amazed at the amount of energy dear Madeline exuded. Madeline easily got Shirley and me tired just watching her yet, when Maddie was not in the wadding area, Mama was forced to partake. Needless to say, I was dead tired at bedtime and sore in the mornings.....I'm getting old!

Great way to make lemonade out of the sour lemons, right? Welllllllll.......this morning, as I was starting to pack up I took a damp towel off of the bathroom floor and from underneath it scattered about 7 bugs. I freaked out! What the heck!!! Concerned about cockroaches, I called the front desk and told them they needed to send someone over to identify the bug. After a full-blown case of "heebie-jeebies" set in, the front desk still did not send anyone. I decided to capture one of these bugs and ask a housekeeper in the hall if it was a cockroach. After the poor housekeeper dealt with a psycho guest (me), I called back the front desk and gave them an earful about how I would NOT be checking out at 11am (they previous denied my request for a late check out) because I would have to empty out my 3 suitcases, shake the suitcases out, shake out all my clothing and repack my suitcases. And yes, as I was shaking out my stuff, bugs were all over the place. I probably saw about 20-25 total! Each time, I would let out a mini-shriek and Madeline would ask, "Where's the bug???". The front desk ended up sending the maintenance supervisor to my room who told me that the bugs were NOT cockroaches but some type of beetle. Hmmmm.....why did the housekeeper tell me they were??? I wasn't sure that I believed the guy. Were these really just beetles or was he just trying to have me not go bonkers??? The two positives of this are that (A) we were checking out of this hotel anyway (in order to travel to Austin) and (B) sounds crazy, but at the same time, I was glad that I was able to get my late check-out after all (although not how I would have wanted it) because David had morning meetings set-up in Dallas. After all was said and done, when David came to pick up me and Madeline so that we could leave for Austin I showed him the captured bug and....alas, he was able to ease my mind that it was not a cockroach. (the bug) had too many legs and was in my stuff!!!

We are now in Austin and I do have to say that I love this city! Let's hope it treats us better than Dallas did!