Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mermaid Lynn-La!

"Lynn-La" is Madeline's "mermaid name". Don't ask....long story how "Lynn-La" evolved however, I am proud to announce that we now have a little "Mermaid Lynn-La". Although the video (below, at bottom) is of poor quality (not to mention sideways) I would defintiely say that Madeline is officially swimming. Now, she is no means a strong swimmer however she can jump in the pool and swim 5-6 feet (video does not show this extent)before sinking. The weather here is awesome (mid 90's) and the pool at the condo we are staying has a very nice water temperature. Madeline has been more than pleased to spend the day swimming. I guess she is in practice for whenever we go (not sure when) to visit "Uncle" Jon at his new house (with pool) in New Orleans.

So far (knock on wood), Austin has been treating us better than Dallas (aside, of course, from my visits with Shirley, Jon & Joe). I love Austin. Although I haven't had much opportunity to get out and about this time around, I think it is a cool city and am happy to be back here. For those of you familiar with Buffalo, I guess you could equate the "pulse" of Austin to be similar to the feel one gets in Buffalo's Elmwood Village. I would say that Austin is Elmwood Village all very grown up.

After a brief visit with David's Uncle Charles and friend, Merl, last night I am looking forward to some more visits while here. Also, I would love to do a little shopping and also take Madeline to see the bats at night come out from under the Congress Ave Bridge. Maybe, if we are lucky, we can squeeze that in after David's Friday meetings. Cross your fingers.

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