Friday, October 30, 2009

Pre-Halloween Activities

Somehow, Halloween snuck up on David and me. We had all intention to carve our pumpkins last Sunday evening but last weekend came and went. David and I decided to have Madeline and me take care of the pumpkins during the day. We did this on Thursday. I included photos of Madeline creating her pre-carving design, a small video of our carving and a picture of our finsished products.

Today, was Madeline's school Halloween party. Although Friday is not normally a day that she attends, we certainly weren't going to miss out on the party! Papa had today off and was able to snap our preparations. Madeline was thrilled to be able to wear make-up with her costume. David also took some pictures at school - lining up for the Halloween parade, having fun with a school friend, and me working with kids to make a craft. (As a room mom I helped organzie the party. Kids rotated through making a craft, decorating a pumpkin cookie, and playing a game. We also had enough food there to feed an army!) Madeline had a great time! Tomorrow brings another day of festivities as there is a mini-Halloween shin-dig at dance tomorrow morning as well as trick-or-treating in the evening. The weather was unseasonably warm today. It is unfortuante that this warm weather isn't supposed to hang on for tomorrow. This, however, will not stop us from obtaining the perfect sugar high tomorrow evening!

And the video below......

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