Thursday, April 8, 2010

Enough Candy To Last A Year!

The Easter Bunny came and left although he left behind enough candy for many cavities in Madeline's mouth and many pounds on Mama's butt. However, Madeline received a package from David's sister, Carolyn, and we cracked into it this evening. In true Carolyn fashion, the entire box was crammed with cool goodies for Madeline. Small toys, drawing tools, dress-up items guessed it, MORE candy. So between the candy from the Easter Bunny, Aunt Margaret and Aunt Carolyn, this family will be on a sugar high from now until next Spring.....and Mama-Dirtyfoot will gradually transform to Mama-Fatbutt. Thanks, thanks a TON :-)


Margaret said...

Sorry about the Bunny. It was actually Mark who came up with that one. We all had a glorious time! Thanks : )

Amy said...

Well then, you are invited back again....but not Mark - hahahahaha!