Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yardwork For Homework

Madeline's Pre-K keeps the kiddos quite busy. On the days that Madeline goes to school, I often pick her up along with some type of project they created during the day. It is too darn cute to see the kids file out, so proud to show off what they have been working on. Now that spring is here, the teacher's curriculum has obviously concentrated on nature, seeds, birds, etc.

Although the items that are created at school aren't *really* "homework" for us, they do give us an opportunity to carry over what Madeline learned at school to lessons at home. We love to be able to show an interest in all of this and continue Madeline's learning. Yesterday Madeline came home with a nesting bag. Although we already knew what this was all about, David and I questioned Madeline as to its purpose. She was able to explain to us that the nesting bag is for the birdies. The birdies take the stuff to use for building their nests. Papa and Madeline found a perfect spot to hang the nesting bag for our neighborhood birdies.

In the fall, Madeline came home with a handmade bird feeder (peanut butter and bird seed slathered over a pine cone). Although we hung that in our yard, it didn't last very long as it was devoured by a squirrel.

Recently, Madeline came home with some type of grass that she grew as well as a potato plant that was grown during St. Patrick's week from the eyes of potatoes. It now appears to me as though it is time to transplant the grass and potato plant. Time for gardening.

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