Sunday, April 11, 2010

Go Climb A Tree!

Finally, David and I had a bit of time available to tackle the crazy amount of yard work we had waiting for us. The flower beds in our new house are jammed packed with beautiful perennials. Since this is our first Spring in this house this was also the first Spring of clearing the dead growth from the previous year and unearthing the flowers that are waiting to grow this year. Even since our company at Easter time there has been a tremendous amount of growth in the beds. Since the weather was cooperating today we realized that we had no choice but to take advantage of the sunshine and get busy in our yard.

Other than mowing the lawn, as needed, we are now done with the major yard work. Sure, we'll still have little gardening projects here and there as the weather improves but the bulk of the heavy yard work is done. But let's not be fooled....prior to opening the pool we'll need to stain/spruce up a rickety old pool deck and also work on some water drainage issues in the back yard. THOSE will be the major projects this summer.

Anyway, as David and I worked, Madeline kept herself busy in the yard. She had fun "building a nest" with all the debris that we cleared from the flower bed. Madeline even scattered plastic Easter eggs in the nest for good measure. Madeline also got a kick out of exploring the dirt and checking out the worms. I had to put a stop to this , however, when Madeline decided to put a "Band-Aid" on a worm that she thought she hurt somehow. Yep, I look over to see a worm wrapped in Scotch tape - poor little guy! Finally, Madeline busied herself "fishing" in our small pond. Madeline Scotch-taped two sticks together to make a fishing pole. Since we don't actually have a stocked pond, Madeline decided to stock it herself with a fish and an octopus from her Littlest Pet Shop toy play set. That occupied her for quite a while.

David, on the other hand, reverted back to his youth and climbed our Corkscrew Willow tree. What was he doing? David was hanging some white garden light sets in the tree. Granted, it now looks quite festive in the area overlooking our patio/hot tub, however, I was a nervous wreck as I waited for David to have two feet on the ground again. We certainly aren't as young as we used to be!

Now that a long day of hard work is over and we have a feeling of accomplishment, we enjoyed the evening by grilling out pork chops and veggies on the grill. A nice quiet evening and a nice way to end our weekend.

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