Friday, April 9, 2010


David really is Super-Papa - yes, as in a super hero. He is Super-Papa to both Madeline and me. The regular daily routine when David comes home from work is that Madeline gets to try on David's suit jacket when David walks in the door. Next, Madeline will "fly" upstairs with David (David carries her with her arms stretched out). As David changes into more comfy clothes for the evening, Madeline will bounce around with excitement that Papa is home. In the meantime, Mama has a few moments of quiet downstairs to finish up dinner preparations. Finally, David helps Madeline "fly" downstairs again. Today, while Madeline and David were upstairs, Madeline asked David to wear a cape. Next thing I knew, Super-Papa & flying Madeline came downstairs. Yep, Papa donned a cape! He tied one of Madeline's blankets around his shoulders. What a good sport! Super-Papa??? Yep, he's the BEST in the eyes of his girls. We LOVE you!

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