Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Movie Night

Madeline had a great day today as she woke up on the right side of the bed (although bedtime was a little rough because I had company).  Her cold is slowly starting to get better.  Madeline was a happy camper in the morning and was 100% playing with her barbies and princess toys - playing make believe.  This girl has such a vivid imagination.

Finally, come afternoon, I decided we needed to get outside.  It was absolutely gorgeous out!  I had a couple small errands to run but while we were out Madeline and I had a picnic lunch at a local park and Madeline had an opportunity to play on the playground.  There is a huge "rock" climbing wall that goes up the entire side of the playground structure.  Madeline fell of a rock climbing thing on her first attempt a couple weeks ago so Madeline was a little leery to try climbing this one - especially this one, because it is pretty tall.  I talked Madeline into trying if I helped her.  She did it!  After, I sat back down and Madeline climbed the entire wall without any help.  She was sooo proud of herself.  I forgot my phone so I didn't have he ability of taking any pictures at the playground (I know, Kelly......I have a kid and should *always* have a camera with me).

Later in the evening, we had a movie night.  My friend Tammy came over with her daughters, Jenna & Tanya.  We ordered up subs and stuffed our guts while watching a movie.  It was difficult to pick a movie that I thought would hold the interest of Jenna & Tanya (teenagers) and one that would be safe enough for Madeline to watch too.  My dear daughter is so sheltered in what she sees on TV to the point that she is very sensitive to things she watches.  And what is "kid friendly" in the eyes of TV /movie execs isn't necessarily kid friendly enough for Madeline (because of Madeline's nature).  I ended up choosing "The Tooth Fairy".  Even still, small things (like when the main character awoke from a dream with a start) sent Madeline running to sit on my lap. 

After the movie, Madeline went to bed, Tammy's girls hung out doing teenage girl stuff while Tammy and I chitchatted away.  It was a fun evening although a shame that we had to keep an eye on the clock because it is a school night.  Anyway, in addition to my God-awful family room couch (I hate that thing!!), above is a picture of Tammy, Madeline (stealing my spot), Jenna & Tanya along with Madeline's "picnic area" on the floor. Thanks for coming out girls....had fun!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you two are having fun! It is nice to see the pictures...miss you two.

Amy said...